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Adon Coborlwitz Manga
Adon Coborlwitz



Adon Koboruittsu




Episode 5 (1997 Anime)

Japanese voice

Tessho Genda (TV)
Rikiya Koyama (movies)

English voice

Mike Pollock (TV)



Hair color





Chuder, Blue Whale Knights




Samson Coborlwitz (Brother)

Adon Coborlwitz (アドン・コボルイッツ Adon Koboruittsu?) is the General of the Blue Whale Knights during the Battle for Doldrey.


Adon, without his helmet, has blonde hair in a crew-cut style, and wears the armor of the Blue Whale Knights. After having his face mangled by Guts, he wears bandages which cover most of his face, his left eye being the only one visible, with his right eye being covered entirely.


Adon has great pride in fighting and war, calling a battlefield sacred to men. He is arrogant and thinks very highly of his own skills. He is, however, quite cowardly when he faces danger and prefers having his soldiers risk their lives for his sake.

He is a sexist individual, stating that a woman on the battlefield "desecrates it" and thinks the only reason why Casca is there is because she slept with Griffith. He also states that Casca would become his "captive", meaning his sex slave.

However, after his fight with Guts he becomes more of a comic relief character, and much more dishonorable, pretending to be dead, begging for mercy and attacking from behind. He also shows his cowardice and treachery in his final moments when he begs Casca for mercy. After she lets her guard down he shoots her with a small crossbow. Nevertheless, he is killed by her in the subsequent confrontation.


Adon's resilience and extended speeches are legendary. He also possesses a wide array of ancient techniques supposedly passed down through generations of the Coborlwitz family, which helped him surviving several battles with the Band of the Hawk:

  • Rock-cutting Whirlwind: 140 year old technique.
  • 200 year old torture technique.
  • The Movement Block (pretending to be dead): 700 year old technique.
  • Furious Attack Thunderclap Burst (coated with tranquilizer): 1000 year old crossbow technique.

His weapon of choice appears to be a ranseur or crossbow, with which he uses underhanded techniques like the ones above.


Golden Age Arc


Adon's deathblow blocked by Guts.

Adon confronts the Band of the Hawk during one battle, confronting Casca as he finds her reputation an insult. He demeans her by commenting that she whored herself to Griffith for her position. However, due to Casca experiencing a fever whilst on her period, Adon had the advantage and was about to kill her after she refused to join his side. Impressed by Guts' ability to block his attack, Adon prepares his "Rock-cutting Whirlwind" before Guts brings his sword down on Adon's helmet, and subsequently across it, shearing off the right side of Adon's face. Adon survives the attack, but is too wounded and can only muster the strength to fire an crossbow arrow at Guts as he and Casca fall off a cliff into the stream below.

Guts and Casca fighting

Adon's men surrounding Guts and Casca.

Adon later sends his men down to the area to find the two and bring them to him dead or alive. Though Guts tries to get Casca to safety after tending to her fever, the two are surrounded by Adon's men as he plans to torture Guts while letting his men have their fun with Casca. Guts tells Casca to flee while he single-handedly holds off Adon's men and kills his brother Samson Coborlwitz, Adon playing dead when the Band of the Hawk come to their member's aid. Adon returns to Doldrey where he is berated by Boscogn and demoted for his failure.


Casca about to kill Adon.

When Adon notices Casca and her men raiding Doldrey after the bulk of army left as part of Griffith's plan, he confronts her to have his revenge. But as Casca is no longer suffering the effects of her period, Adon finds himself backed to a corner, forcing him to resort to dirty tricks. In the end, Casca flips over him and lands the death blow.


  • Adon's death in the manga differs only slightly from his death in the anime series. In the manga, Casca jumps overhead and slashes him horizontally across the face splitting his lips from cheek to cheek (possibly cutting into his skull as well). It's not a complete decapitation as his corpse can be seen with his head still intact, though large wounds are present on each side of his mouth. In the anime, Casca does the same movement but cuts above his nose (yet beneath the eyes) where a long red line from ear to ear bleeds before he screams and falls backwards. His head is not shown after this. It is likely the cut pierced through his skull completely and the upper portion was decapitated. In the movie, Casca stabs him through the mouth with his own sword after her own breaks.
  • In the Berserk Film Trilogy, his story is rewritten to being forced to help Casca's group infiltrate Doldrey. He is seen not wearing his shark armor.
  • Adon means lord/master in Hebrew.

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