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Apostle Spawn
Japanese Name: 使徒擬
Romanized Name: Shito-modoki
English Name: Apostle Spawn
Manga Debut: Chapter C0

The Apostle Spawns (使徒擬 Shito-modoki?) are humans who have been transformed by an Apostle with their demonic powers, normally serving as a familiar to the one who sired it.


Some Apostles have the ability to transform humans into familiars to serve them, each Apostle Spawn usually having an appearance that reflects its creator. Like true Apostles, Apostle Spawns revert to human form after death.

List of Apostle SpawnsEdit


The Count transformed Zondark into an Apostle Spawn by transferring a part of himself, a slug, into his servant so that he could seek his revenge while his body was gradually absorbed by the slug. Because the slug is an extension of the Count, he can see and speak through his offshoot even after the host's head is destroyed.

Rosine's SpawnsEdit

While Rosine normally transforms children into her vision of what elves look like, she can also turn adult men into giant insect-based creatures to guard her domain from intruders.

Egg's SpawnsEdit

The Apostle known as the Egg of the Perfect World can create a Spawn by using one of his tendrils to inject his power through an ideal subject. Though a weak Apostle, the Egg creates physically powerful Spawns whose forms reflect their faith, such as the leader of a pagan cult becoming a goat-headed satyr, as well as Mozgus and his disciples becoming angelic in form.

Ganishka's SpawnsEdit

After transcending his humanity a second time, the giant monster Ganishka had unintentionally crushed most of his army under his feet. The crushed corpses mutated into monstrous head-like tentacle creatures that all resemble Ganishka's head. These monsters devoured the remaining survivors of the Kushan invasion army before they attacked the Neo Band of the Hawk. After the World Transformation began, they ceased to be.


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