The Astral World, also known as the Afterlife or Netherworld, is a realm in the macrocosmic trinity of Berserk, overlapping the Physical World and Ideal World. It is the plane in which ethereal beings reside – the World of Spirits.[1] More precisely, the realm is home to numerous creatures of legend on its surface layers, as well as profound forces of nature near its deeper strata.


Forsaken hilltop shrine

The spreading of Holy See doctrine resulted in the forsaking of spirit shrines.

At one time, humans were able to keenly perceive and interact with astral entities, even erecting shrines in reverence of certain spirits. However, following the widespread propagation of Holy See doctrine, people began clinging to the "rigid world",[2] no longer believing in the ethereal and consequently rendered unable to perceive spirits of the Astral World.[1]

The World Transformation brings about the merging of the astral and corporeal realms into one global Interstice, with astral creatures of myth taking physical form worldwide as living legends.[3]


The Astral World is multi-layered, beginning at a shallow layer, in which creatures of legend reside, and expanding downward into the depths of primordial forces.

Shallow LayerEdit

Main article: Interstice

The Interstice is a shallow layer of the Astral World where the realm intermingles with the Physical World, allowing a number of astral creatures to take form in the world of man. As a result of this close connection to the material plane, it bears a similar scenery to corporeality, deriving its shape primarily from ethereal bodies of the Physical World.[1]


Main article: Qliphoth

Qliphoth is a layer of the Astral World that is home to creatures created from the dark recesses of humanity's collective thoughts. Such residents of this realm include trolls and ogres.

Profound LayerEdit


The layer of the Astral World where the God Hand reside.

As the Astral World expands downward, the landscape becomes markedly different from that of the Interstice, unimaginable in comparison. In this deep layer, there exist ethereal beings so profound and dissimilar from most others as to be considered divine. These beings include angels, demons, and gods of polytheism.[1] The layer where the God Hand dwell is above the Abyss.


Main article: Abyss

The Vortex is the surface of the Astral World's abyssal layer[4] – a swirl of collective consciousness and evil.[5] The Abyss beyond the Vortex, what some might call Hell, is the deepest layer of the Astral World, wherein the subtle bond between the astral and the ideal splinters near its deepest fathoms. Most entities, clad in the ethereal body called ego, are unable to traverse this deep without losing their individuality;[6] an exception to this, however, are individuals so permitted by the Idea of Evil, such as those of the God Hand.[4]


Road of ElvesEdit

Road of Elves

Elfin roads allow for the perception of shallow astral strata.

A "road of elves" is any benign passageway into the Astral World's superficial layers. On some occasions, such as a full moon night when the presence of magic is most manifest,[7] these roads open, connecting the astral to the physical. Elfin roads allow humans to perceive shallow astral strata and are known for being the means of ingress children use to trek into astral forests.[8][9]

Road of DragonsEdit

A "road of dragons" is any passage which links the Astral World's deepest layers to the Physical World. An example of a dragon's road is the behelit's ability to create temporal junction points,[9] in which the God Hand can manifest from the depths of the Astral World.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Interstice creatures

Various creatures of legend exist within the Astral World.


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