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God Hand, Apostles

A Behelit, or Beherit, is one of several small, oval objects of unknown origin. resembling an egg with a set of human facial features scattered randomly across its surface, giving the item a rather disconcerting appearance. While usual Behelits are depicted as yellow, blue or green in color, there is the Crimson Behelit that is connected to the God Hand.



An inactive Behelit.

While appearing to be inanimate, the Behelits appear to be living things that have a certain aura of unspecified dread about them. On occasion, one of Behelit's eyes would open up and stares at the examiner, though this is usually quickly disregarded as merely an illusion. Perhaps notably, if comically, when Puck was carrying the Count's Behelit by one of its nostrils and its upper lip, the Behelit teared up out of discomfort.

The purpose of the Behelits is to create an Interstice between the physical realm and the part of the Astral Realm where the God Hand reside. A Behelit belongs to a predestined owner and therefore, no matter the circumtances, will always finds its way to its owner when his desire to escape his current situation is great enough for it to fully activate so the owner can be transformed into an Apostle. From there, the Behelit would gradually come to another to repeat the process. Normally, a Behelit would activate from being exposed to the owner's blood. Regardless of the means, or half-way there while sensing either a God Hand or the activation of another, the Behelit's facial features rearrange to form a face that sheds tears of blood before uttering a low scream to create an temporary Interstice.

But knowing that their existence is how the Apostles were created, the Skull Knight has been swallowing various Behelits before he used them to create the blade of his Sword of Actuation. While Behelits appear to taste like potatoes, they give the own who eats them a lifetime for indigestion and malaise. Guts also took possession of a Behelit that belonged to the Count as part of his goal to track down Griffith, though Flora warns him to discard the item and pray that it does not recognize him as its owner.

Crimson Behelit

Bahelit Awakes

The Crimson Behelit activating

Griffith's Crimson Behelit, which he obtained from a fortune teller as a youth, was a rare and unique item as Zodd called it the 'Egg of the King'. It appears once every 216 years when the time of the Eclipse draws near, and rather than becoming an Apostle, the bearer of the Crimson Behelit is destined to become the next member of the God Hand. It is not known whether there were five different Crimson Behelits or whether the same came to each of the God Hand in turn.


  • The term may have been derived from "Beherit", the Syriac word for Satan.
  • One character became an Apostle and took the shape of a Behelit; he is known as the Egg-Shaped Apostle.
  • It is unknown what happens to a human bearer of a Behelit who refuses to sacrifice anyone.
  • The only known bearer of a Behelit who has not sacrificed a human attachment was the Egg-Shaped Apostle, who sacrificed his world in order to bring about a new age. Also, though a non-canonical case, in Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō, Charles is implied to have sacrificed his sister, though when he had made the sacrifice he did not know what he was sacrificing at the time and when Guts confronted him about the identity of his sacrifice, he was in denial.
  • In episode 07-B of the anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, a Crimson Behelit-like figure can be seen.


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