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Berserk (ベルセルク Beruseruku?) is the second season of the Berserk 2016 Anime, directed by Shin Itagaki.

Season 2 adapts the manga's fourth arc, Falcon of the Millennium Empire, and spans a currently unknown amount of episodes. It was introduced in the last episode of the anime's first season; with the first episode scheduled to air in April 2017.

Media distribution service Crunchyroll has obtained the streaming and publishing license for the anime, which will be available for viewing at Crunchyroll's website.


Cast Seiyū
Narrator/Void Unshō Ishizuka
Guts Hiroaki Iwanaga
Puck Kaoru Mizuhara
Casca Toa Yukinari
Schierke Chiwa Saitō
Farnese de Vandimion Yōko Hikasa
Serpico Kazuyuki Okitsu
Azan Hiroki Yasumoto
Isidro Hiro Shimono
Ivalera TBA
Flora TBA
Rickert Minako Kotobuki
Erica Ayana Taketatsu
Skull Knight Akio Ōtsuka
Ganishka TBA
Griffith Takahiro Sakurai
Nosferatu Zodd Kenta Miyake
Locus TBA
Grunbeld TBA
Irvine TBA
Rakshas TBA
Sonia TBA
Mule Wolflame TBA
Slan Miyuki Sawashiro
Federico de Vandimion III TBA
Lady Vandimion TBA
Manifico de Vandimion TBA
Charlotte Aki Toyosaki
Morgan TBA
Jill TBA
Silat Yuichi Nakamura
Daiba TBA








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  • This is the first time that a Berserk anime has had a second season.

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