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The Midland Kingdom is a monarchy under the influence of the Holy See and the setting for much of Golden Age Arc. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent on which the series predominantly takes place. After its Hundred Year War with Chuder, Midland enjoys a brief hegemony among its rival nations. Following the invasion of the Kushan and death of its king, however, Midland begins diminishing in prominence, until Griffith creates Falconia atop the ruins of Windham as the world's only safe haven in wake of the World Transformation.

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28 April 2017
The first fragment found of Casca's memories

Episode 349 "Passage of Dreams" released!

Next episode: May 26, 2017

19 May 2017
Episode 20 (2016)

Episode 20 "The Corruption of Qliphoth" released!

Next episode: May 26, 2017 ("The Berserker")

Volume 39

Volume 39 of Berserk will be released on June 23.

24 April 2017
Grunbeld Profile Miura

Berserk's first novelization Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight has been revealed and is slated to release on June 23. It will cover the background of the legendary apostle Grunbeld. (source)

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  • ... that the Band of the Hawk is actually named the "Band of the Falcon", after the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars?
  • ... that the Midland Royal Family is said to be the only family in the world carrying Gaiseric's blood?
  • ... that behelits are still usable after their initial activation?
  • ... that Berserk has been described as a shojo manga by Kentaro Miura?
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