Vandalizing of the Berserk Wiki is not allowed, and any attempt to do so may result in a block.

Vandalism RulesEdit

Most of these are allowed within user profiles unless stated otherwise. If you are unsure whether you are breaking the rules or not, open a discussion in the talk page of the article or create a thread in the forums.


  • Do not add irrelevant, or nonsensical information to any articles in the wiki.
  • Posts in forum threads should generally be related to the topic.
  • Any articles created must be relevant to Berserk.


  • Users should not delete content without legitimate reason.


  • No offensive articles with overly sexual and vulgar language, or racist remarks. This applies to User Pages as well.
  • No text in another language other than English, or when present, Japanese.


  • Aside from the rules above, users should abide by all the Wiki Policies as well.


First OffenseEdit

If any of the rules above are committed, a friendly warning will be sent to the user and all edits violating said rules will be reverted. If the user wishes to dispute a claim and explain their actions, they can send a message to any of the Administrators.

Second offenseEdit

If a second offense is committed, the user will most likely be blocked. Depending on the level of vandalism, the block can last anywhere from a week to a month.

Third offenseEdit

The User will be blocked from editing the wiki for a year.

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