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  • Only upload images you intend to use in an article. Files uploaded and used anywhere other than in an article will likely be deleted.
    • Please use files within their appropriate contexts: images from the manga on manga-centric articles, images from anime on anime-centric articles, etc.
  • PNG is preferred to other file types in most cases.
  • Please try to keep files around 500KB (preferably lower); consider resizing and/or compressing your file if necessary.
    • However, quality has precedence over file size; only resize/compress to an extent that maintains high image quality.
  • Filenames should typically follow a <context>-<1-3 word title case desc>-<type>.png format. Refer the following filenames for an idea of how to name your file:
  • Categories should typically include any notable subjects prominently featured within a file, as well as further contexts where necessary (e.g. "Episode Cover", "Volume Cover"). For example, the image to the left would be categorized:
    Guts, Dragon Slayer, Berserker Armor, Cannon Arm, Volume Cover, as Guts, the Dragon Slayer, Berserker Armor, and Cannon Arm are all featured prominently and the file is indeed a volume cover.
  • Ultimately, refer to files similar to your own and see how they are named and categorized if you are unsure how to do so. Files that fail to adhere to the above stand a high chance of being deleted.