List authored/managed by Eckilsax and OnePieceNation. This list should be updated often.

Priority articles include those likely to be visited first or often (Admins; evidence may exist in Admin panel, among other places), including main protagonist and antagonist character pages - but for serial editors, consider setting time aside for going methodically through each Character for each Arc, for example.

This list is in an approximate descending order of importance.

  • Images
    • Policy: Add {{Fairuse}} and {{AnimeFairuse}} to images that need it.
    • Consider deleting near-duplicate images
    • Check for / phase out (delete) scanlated images
  • Manga
    • Finish creating/editing Arc Pages
      • Add Summaries to Arc Pages
    • Finish chapter summaries (encourage/allow succintness)
      • Arc 1 (Incomplete)
      • Arc 2 (Incomplete)
      • Arc 3 (Incomplete)
      • Arc 4 (Incomplete)
      • Arc 5 (Incomplete)
  • Anime
    • Write summaries for all anime episodes (Incomplete)
      • Or consider simply indicating the analogous Chapters (i.e. "Summary // See Chapters ###, ###, and ###") whilst pointing out differences
  • Add screenshots into episode page summaries or a gallery
  • Character Profiles
    • Encourage editors to apply/retrofit Character Page Layout
    • (Succintly) Summarize histories for all characters; headings linked to Arc pages in which events occur
      • Control/summarize currently long histories
    • Add references/cite sources - Consider allowing shorter format (with cleanup later), i.e. "<ref>[[Chapter 111]]</ref>"
    • Reconsider use of Tab template
    • Reconsider "Relationships" for protagonists/antagonists; or make more succint
    • Reconsider "Major Battles" section; or cite heavily (section exists in Arc pages)
  • 1997 Anime
    • Write summaries for all 1997 episodes
      • Or, as with 2016 Anime, consider simply indicating the analogous Chapters (i.e. "Summary // See Chapters ###, ###, and ###") whilst pointing out differences
    • Expand Main Article
  • Abilities
  • Main Page
    • Find someone good at coding to improve the templates/mainpage? (In progress)
  • Merchandise (In progress)
    • add clothing (If there is any...)
    • add other
    • Community Section
  • Cleanup grammar etc etc etc
    • Consider creating "Writing Style" section of Manual of Style (may be pertinent to see what Wikipedia does and/or what Wikia recommends)
    • Arc pages: Plot Summary (In progress)

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