• Wazzy515

    I'm a HUGE fan of Berserk. I've not read the manga but seen the anime and currently going through the 2017 (season 2) and cant help but think that this dark plot adult medieval masterpeice is suddenly turning into a fairy story, still with an adult theme. 

    I am not able to come to terms with the fact that Gatsu's band is consisting of two small kids and tiny elves doing kiddy stuffs. There is Casca who has lost her mind. There is serpico who seems to be badass but is still small in size (nowhere near Gatsu's huge body-frame) and then there is Farnese who is still budding in the harsh reality and not really that useful in combat.

    The entire theme of Berserk is  a dark medieval fantasy with violence and nudity, and suddenly you have small kidd…

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  • Besty17

    Follow Us!

    May 18, 2017 by Besty17

    Hello all!

    For those who have or haven't noticed. I have recently launched/opened a Discord server.

    Discord appears to be great a social platform compared to the wiki chat. It's free to join, easy to use and a good platform to communicate and keep track of updates related to the wiki and Berserk. Join the server today.

    We also have a twitter for those who are also interested in following us.

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  • OnePieceNation

    So I had a hard decision to make after losing all my will to edit, I suddenly got back into it in full, finding myself working on seven wiki's at the same time, this however could not hold, I want to do to much and I can waste a day editing only once, so I have now decided to take a leave of absence from this wiki to instead just focus on the gantz wiki, which needs the most of love, so as of now I will no longer be active on this wiki, this leave of absence will at least last a year if not longer, once I am done with the Gantz wiki, I am done and then I will be here for at least more then a year, before moving on to the hunter x hunter wiki so yeah I will remain as ever your admin and if you really need me you can always message me. But I…

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  • OnePieceNation

    So what are we going to use, 2017 anime (like most of the internet) or 2016 anime season 2 (as it is in most places on the wikia. Also are we going to keep counting (which looks very bad to me) or do we see episode 1 (2017 anime)?

    Lets discuss/vote on this please, instead of just doing stuff.

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  • SilenceInTheLibrary

    So I got Berserk and the Band of the Hawk for my birthday and have been playing it nonstop since I got it. Since I'm so thorough with it, we might as well call it research. First, highlights and disappointments of the game, and second: how it pertains to the wiki.


    • The visuals in the cutscenes look gorgeous. I shed a tear every time one is shown.
    • The game is a great balance of fun and challenge.
    • The game lets you pursue story at your liesure alongside gameplay; all chat is skip-able and conversely, you can look at the "Events" dialogues and scenes any time you like. All cutscenes are available too.
    • There is a music selection list! A game that proudly shows off its soundtrack is one that I can love.
    • Large selection of playable cast. Sad…
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  • SRicher

    ... and all in all, Normal mode was convenient to attain all of the behelits (special objectives), but way too easy (the difficulty modes are: Easy (should be called "Hand-Holding"), Normal (should be called "Easy"), Hard (should be called "Normal"), and Hell (should be called "OMG THE PAIN IT HURTS")). I've done 2 missions in Hell mode so far and boy is it tougher. Finishing a mission on Hell mode puts a brand sign next to the name of the mission, and I don't know if completing all missions on Hell mode gives something, but I'll find out eventually.

    Eclipse mode (endless fighting) is also neat and finishing its battles unlocks pictures, costumes, and whatnot. Pretty standard fare, and pretty entertaining. Every Berserk aficionado should pi…

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  • SRicher

    Old Miura Interview

    January 4, 2017 by SRicher


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  • SRicher

    And here are my first impressions.

    1) From what I've seen so far, Berserk's story is followed quite closely. Furthermore, for the Golden Age arc part of the Story mode, sequences from the 2011-2013 anime are used. My guess is that sequences from the 2016 series will be used for the Conviction Arc.

    2) I've only played Guts so far (I've only now unlocked Griffith, Casca and Judeau), and I'm liking the moves they gave him. Brutal. My favourite is square-square-triangle, which can impale an enemy who then gets slammed onto the other enemies.

    3) I've now unlocked, along with the three aforementionned characters, the option to talk to people around the Band of the Hawk's camp for extra missions, which fleshes out the characters some more. Neat.

    4) I …

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  • SRicher all I need is a PS4. lol

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  • OnePieceNation

    Normal VS Miura

    November 20, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    So I have to get this off my chest, I am really annoyed by Miura's lame self made up division of story.

    How things are normally go:

    Albums/Franchises Books/Series Parts Sagas Arcs Chapters/Episodes

    For instance in One Piece we have the Pre-Timeskip Part and the Post Timeskip Part. Then these parts are divided into Sagas (East Blue Saga, Alabasta Saga, Sky Island Saga, Water 7 Saga, Thriller Bark Saga, Summit War Saga) then we get arcs (Lovely Land Arc, Thriller Bark Arc, Spa Island Arc) and only then we get the individual chapters that make up the arcs when it is in manga, and episodes when it is in anime.

    How Miura does things:

    Arcs Chapters Sections Episodes

    For instance we have the Conviction Arc, which consists of the Lost Children Chap…

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