• Wazzy515

    I'm a HUGE fan of Berserk. I've not read the manga but seen the anime and currently going through the 2017 (season 2) and cant help but think that this dark plot adult medieval masterpeice is suddenly turning into a fairy story, still with an adult theme. 

    I am not able to come to terms with the fact that Gatsu's band is consisting of two small kids and tiny elves doing kiddy stuffs. There is Casca who has lost her mind. There is serpico who seems to be badass but is still small in size (nowhere near Gatsu's huge body-frame) and then there is Farnese who is still budding in the harsh reality and not really that useful in combat.

    The entire theme of Berserk is  a dark medieval fantasy with violence and nudity, and suddenly you have small kidd…

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  • Besty17

    Follow Us!

    May 18, 2017 by Besty17

    Hello all!

    For those who have or haven't noticed. I have recently launched/opened a Discord server.

    Discord appears to be great a social platform compared to the wiki chat. It's free to join, easy to use and a good platform to communicate and keep track of updates related to the wiki and Berserk. Join the server today.

    We also have a twitter for those who are also interested in following us.

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  • OnePieceNation

    So I had a hard decision to make after losing all my will to edit, I suddenly got back into it in full, finding myself working on seven wiki's at the same time, this however could not hold, I want to do to much and I can waste a day editing only once, so I have now decided to take a leave of absence from this wiki to instead just focus on the gantz wiki, which needs the most of love, so as of now I will no longer be active on this wiki, this leave of absence will at least last a year if not longer, once I am done with the Gantz wiki, I am done and then I will be here for at least more then a year, before moving on to the hunter x hunter wiki so yeah I will remain as ever your admin and if you really need me you can always message me. But I…

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  • OnePieceNation

    So what are we going to use, 2017 anime (like most of the internet) or 2016 anime season 2 (as it is in most places on the wikia. Also are we going to keep counting (which looks very bad to me) or do we see episode 1 (2017 anime)?

    Lets discuss/vote on this please, instead of just doing stuff.

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  • SilenceInTheLibrary

    So I got Berserk and the Band of the Hawk for my birthday and have been playing it nonstop since I got it. Since I'm so thorough with it, we might as well call it research. First, highlights and disappointments of the game, and second: how it pertains to the wiki.


    • The visuals in the cutscenes look gorgeous. I shed a tear every time one is shown.
    • The game is a great balance of fun and challenge.
    • The game lets you pursue story at your liesure alongside gameplay; all chat is skip-able and conversely, you can look at the "Events" dialogues and scenes any time you like. All cutscenes are available too.
    • There is a music selection list! A game that proudly shows off its soundtrack is one that I can love.
    • Large selection of playable cast. Sad…
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  • SRicher

    ... and all in all, Normal mode was convenient to attain all of the behelits (special objectives), but way too easy (the difficulty modes are: Easy (should be called "Hand-Holding"), Normal (should be called "Easy"), Hard (should be called "Normal"), and Hell (should be called "OMG THE PAIN IT HURTS")). I've done 2 missions in Hell mode so far and boy is it tougher. Finishing a mission on Hell mode puts a brand sign next to the name of the mission, and I don't know if completing all missions on Hell mode gives something, but I'll find out eventually.

    Eclipse mode (endless fighting) is also neat and finishing its battles unlocks pictures, costumes, and whatnot. Pretty standard fare, and pretty entertaining. Every Berserk aficionado should pi…

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  • SRicher

    Old Miura Interview

    January 4, 2017 by SRicher


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  • SRicher

    And here are my first impressions.

    1) From what I've seen so far, Berserk's story is followed quite closely. Furthermore, for the Golden Age arc part of the Story mode, sequences from the 2011-2013 anime are used. My guess is that sequences from the 2016 series will be used for the Conviction Arc.

    2) I've only played Guts so far (I've only now unlocked Griffith, Casca and Judeau), and I'm liking the moves they gave him. Brutal. My favourite is square-square-triangle, which can impale an enemy who then gets slammed onto the other enemies.

    3) I've now unlocked, along with the three aforementionned characters, the option to talk to people around the Band of the Hawk's camp for extra missions, which fleshes out the characters some more. Neat.

    4) I …

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  • SRicher all I need is a PS4. lol

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  • OnePieceNation

    Normal VS Miura

    November 20, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    So I have to get this off my chest, I am really annoyed by Miura's lame self made up division of story.

    How things are normally go:

    Albums/Franchises Books/Series Parts Sagas Arcs Chapters/Episodes

    For instance in One Piece we have the Pre-Timeskip Part and the Post Timeskip Part. Then these parts are divided into Sagas (East Blue Saga, Alabasta Saga, Sky Island Saga, Water 7 Saga, Thriller Bark Saga, Summit War Saga) then we get arcs (Lovely Land Arc, Thriller Bark Arc, Spa Island Arc) and only then we get the individual chapters that make up the arcs when it is in manga, and episodes when it is in anime.

    How Miura does things:

    Arcs Chapters Sections Episodes

    For instance we have the Conviction Arc, which consists of the Lost Children Chap…

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  • Nrvnqsr Shīzā


    September 21, 2016 by Nrvnqsr Shīzā

    Hello fellow wikians! I wanted to write this to warn those who drop by that the Young Animal Magazine announced that Berserk will be on hiatus again until next year.

    'Till next time!

    Edit: it seems a leaked chapter of about 6 pages is being translated to English.

    Edit 2: it's not 6 pages but actually 19.

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  • SRicher

    Episode 346 (Manga)

    September 15, 2016 by SRicher

    That chapter has been released, right? It's not late or anything? Then it shouldn't be written "08/28/2016 Episode 346 (Manga) will be released"; instead, it should be written "08/28/2016 Episode 346 (Manga) was released." I'm posting this so that an admin can edit the front page and correct that.

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  • Fieryfurnace999

    Activity Update

    September 4, 2016 by Fieryfurnace999

    Hiya. So, I just wanted to inform everybody that school starts for me tomorrow. I'm doing my A-Levels this year, so I really need to focus on it. What that means is that I may be less active on the wikia soon. I'll still try to do something useful at least once a day, but I won't have as much time to devote. Hopefully, though, I can still be decently active.

    Some better news: I'm not sure if somebody already knows about this, but I came across a website with what appears to be a mostly complete set of decent scans for the Berserk TCG - They're not organised in chronological order but rather categorised by common, uncommon etc, and they're separated by set. I figured this might be useful for Eck since he's …

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  • OnePieceNation

    Good News

    September 4, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    The disaster that is the 2016 anime will only have 12 episode. I personally find this great news since this piece of shit anime is not worth to be called and be associated with Berserk. It will life hence forth in infamy as the worst manga adaptation ever. 

    Edit Source:

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  • SRicher

    ...writing "Characters in order of appearance" whenever the header needed to be corrected.

    While doing that, I noticed a small mistake which I cannot correct because a template is locked: in the 'Fantasia' arc navigation box, in place of "328", for chapter 328, it is written "228". Could an admin please correct this?

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  • SRicher

    I don't know how to edit those buttons at the top of the wiki, but ideally, I would make it so that the merchandise button leads to the page named 'Merchandise' (the category), and not to the 'Merchandise overview' article, which I recently renamed (it was formely named the 'Merchandise' article).

    Is there any way for a non-admin to even edit those options up top?

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  • Besty17

    Strolling through the woods Guts and company prepare for their meeting with the Elfin Ruler. When Isidro takes a misstep and becomes clinched to a tree branch. Suddenly joined by Isma, they are both treated to introduction of Pock, Pack, Peck, Pick, Puck's siblings. Kinda of ironic how their characteristics fun in the family.

    When the Elves and other Astral Lifeforms swarm the travellers. Danann steps in to create a path towards getting to the scheduled meeting. Some really great panels showing the different types of races living in the forest.

    Advancing forwards the travellers enter a hole in the tree. Much to everyone's surprise inside tree appears to be a huge place.

    Now finally, after some kind performance show featuring Puck and Manifico…

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  • OnePieceNation

    Ok lets get things straight once and for all. I came back to this wikia on 28 July 2016 after a long bout of absence. The first thing I found out when coming back was that Besty17 had appointed 4 new admins without even trying to consult Staw or me about it. But since we weren't here I fully understand why he did this, since the anime was coming and the both of us were gone. Then I noticed that that the Badges were activated, something which initially repulsed me. Then as a good Admin in went looking for a forum, blog post or message wall where this was discussed. After not finding this and concluding that Eckilsax made this decision on his own, I temporarily revoked his admin status and disabled badges. I then forced a discussion about th…

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  • OnePieceNation

    Guts Changing Goals

    August 10, 2016 by OnePieceNation

    I have noticed that every arc Guts has another goal. In the first arc as the black swordsman he has the very simple straightforward goal of revenge againts all the apostles and we see him take care of three different ones , the count, the baron and the cunt (yeah killing a man while he is fucking you is cuntish). Then in the second arc the golden age his initial goal is survival, first surviving hit mother's death, then his adopted mother's death, then his rape and then his adopted father trying to kill him, then the wolfs and the wild and finally on his own untill he joins the band of the hawk when his goal changes to becoming stronger and more powerful in order to surpass Griffith. Which he does and afterwards he goes looking for a new g…

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  • ShadowBeast109

    A heads Up

    August 10, 2016 by ShadowBeast109


    I leave this message on Nrvnqsr Shīzā's behalf.

    Shīzā would like the wiki to know that due to college and technical issues, he may not be able to edit as frequently as he has previously.

    That is all.

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  • Eckilsax

    I finally finished remodeling the wiki, now everything is updated (special thanks to MetallicKaiser over on the JJBA Wiki for the help).

    Really hope you guys enjoy the new look! All we need now are to fill in the gaps with new pages, so take a look at the Projects section if you wanna help. In particular, we need Merch and Concepts filled out entirely, with some updates to the Items page.

    Also I'll be adding quotes to every major character's page, so if you have any memorable quotes that define said character, feel free to send them to me. Please however, do not change or edit pre-existing quotes (like Guts' and Griffith's).

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  • Eckilsax

    Berserk Wiki Projects

    August 8, 2016 by Eckilsax

    The purpose of this list is to keep track of updates and projects needed for the wikia. Feel free to help if you can in any way.

    • Creating a Minor Characters page, for characters that appear in the series, but aren't important enough for their own page (Complete)
    • Adding Quotes at the top of EVERY character page (30% Complete)
    • New background photo for the site (In progress)
    • Adding pages for all Berserk OST Soundtracks (Complete)
    • "Music" category with all appropriate sub-folder and sections (Complete)
    • Matching all existing templates to the current font, color and style (Complete)
    • Adding "date released" to the Manga Chapters (Incomplete)
    • Adding lyrics to all lyrical songs that require it (Complete)
    • Updating all character infoboxes to include proper categorizing of "De…
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  • OnePieceNation

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  • Besty17

    Other Series

    July 30, 2016 by Besty17

    Now that everyone is starting to get along again. I thought I'd use this opportunity for everyone to get each other a little better.

    So my question to everyone is what other anime or manga do follow other than Berserk?

    My reading list can be found here [1] and watch list can be found here [2]

    Also don't forget too get involved with Berserk Wiki:Featured Polls.

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  • OnePieceNation

    Currently we have a tabbed page for both anime series instead of fully seperate pages. I personally think we should have seperate page for each just like the hunter x hunter wiki. This will make it easier for new people to find and go directly to the new anime list. Also I don't like the fact that that we have the movies on the anime page.

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  • Eckilsax


    July 17, 2016 by Eckilsax

    Hey there, everyone! Eckilsax here.

    Just letting you all know that by editing the wiki, you can earn special Berserk badges! Wear them with pride, soldiers and have fun!

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  • Besty17

    Our sword swinging and blood pumping adventure is back with our first chapter of the year! Hurray!

    With the flaming puppet now on its back laying in defeat. Guts & company quickly find themselves subject to a death threat curtsy of Morda.

    With Schierke trying to plead their innocence, more witches appear being led by Wednesday Addams where they quickly realise something's burning. Within seconds the rain appears extinguishing the fire and a old man riding a goat appears? Now that was fast.

    Now that the witches and humans are finally gathered together. The young witches are congratulated by the old man. For doing what exactly?

    The old man introduces himself as Gedfring and mentions the Eleven King prophesied their arrival after Schierke asking …

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  • Besty17

    Admin Recruitment!

    June 19, 2016 by Besty17

    With myself being the only (somewhat) active admin and site traffic increasing. I am looking to appoint a editor or two to help combat spammers and assist with any admin related duties. Think you're up to the task? Please leave below about why you would like be considered for the role. New admin(s) will be appointed before July 1st (Anime airdate).

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  • My9demons

    Berserk Game

    July 13, 2015 by My9demons

    Hi there

    I saw the anime some years ago, liked it very much, in fact i rewatchit for 8 times... And after a time i started to wonder if there was any game based on the manga. I know that there are 2 games made after the manga series; Berserk Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War in 2004 and Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage in 1999. I tried to play SOTB Gut's Rage on console but the game simply sucked, i was disapointed.

    After playing Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and watched Bloodborne, i realised that the only ones that could make a Berserk manga based game, would be From Software!  They can create Berserk athmosphere,visual graphics, somehow they have the perfect mechanics for a Berserk game!

    Would it not be great if someone whould g…

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  • Joeverload

    I've come up with a few possibly stretched biblical references in Berserk.  Even if some of them aren't purely based off of the Bible, it's still fun to think about.

    Berserk The Bible
    216 years between Eclipses The number of the beast is 666.  6*6*6 is 216.  This is probably the most well known
    Mozgus slamming his face on the ground as a ceremony Many of the religious leaders of the Old Testament such as Moses and Aaron would "fall to their face" in the presence of God ("Moses and Aaron went from the assembly to the entrance to the tent of meeting and fell facedown, and the glory of the Lord appeared to them.")
    Farnese cuts her hair to join Guts Samson's strength comes from his hair, and he is weak after he cuts it.  Farnese seems strong while…

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  • Dark Femto

    What do you think will happen at the end of Berserk?They think it Guts killed Femto? Guts think will die? I deem your opinions.

    Dark Femto (talk) 06:56, May 11, 2015 (UTC)

    Dark Femto (talk) 06:56, May 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Joeverload

    Hey guys, for my first ever Berserk blog I would like to make a connection that has been burning in my mind all day today.

    That is the relationship that Guts has with both Gambino and Griffith.  

    I understand that some of these relationships might be a stretch to a lot of people, but hear me out.  

    When Guts was found by Shisu, he was recovered from a place of death, covered in blood.  After Shisu died, Gambino blamed Guts for the death around him, and he was only 3 at the time.  Gambino also sold Guts' body to be used as a prostitute for the night.  However, Gambino did teach Guts how to use a sword and defend himself.  Gambino then becomes angry with Guts, and attempts to kill him, only to be killed instead.  After Gambino's death, his foll…

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  • Fghfg567

    Chapter 338

    April 19, 2015 by Fghfg567

    Is there any news about the realese of the new volume or chapters??!!

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  • Besty17

    Berserk Wiki Changes

    March 26, 2015 by Besty17

    Greetings fellow Wikian's. It is me Besty17 with a rare blog entry. Seeing how it is been just over a year since a blog was last made. I have decided to make a blog to talk those of you who may or may not be reading this blog.

    So what is this blog about? Well, if you have seen the title, you would know it is called "Berserk Wiki Changes". As suggested in the title, I will be talking about changes to the wiki.

    Getting down to business. For those who edit the wiki regularly, such as myself or other Administrators. You may notice the number of visitors/editors is rather low. For those wondering, is that a bad thing? Our why it should matter? The answer is yes and it should matter. The Berserk Wiki should be attracting more users. Just below are…

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  • Lemedicus

    So finally after taking a break on berserk to work on gigantomahkia.. btw that story is really awesome so far, Kenta miura will continue berserk on april 11. sounds really  yayyyy..

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  • Lemedicus

    I was just wondering where did he get the idea of the egg of the king. the behelit. And where did that name come from.. the only idea i can think of is bereshit... the first book of genesis written on an egg. But im not sure if they are related in any way. please help me out?

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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Other Series

    December 31, 2013 by Staw-Hat Luffy

    Sup guys, happy new year if you're reading it a day or more after I posted it, anyways. I made this blog on OP wiki a while ago but as expected most people there only read shounen :| So Imma ask the same question here since if you love berserk, you must love other seinen manga too which are by far the best *^* So the Q is simple, name all the other notable series you follow... Dat's all fyl I'm outta here. 19:11, December 31, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Apoelpaoole


    December 31, 2013 by Apoelpaoole

    Hi fellow editors (naaaat), staw told me to edit or at least make a blog on this wiki, so here I am.                

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  • Besty17

    Return of Kentaro Miura

    December 6, 2013 by Besty17

    Greetings all! I come to you with news for those who have or haven't heard, Kentaro Miura has returned to writing, which is good news for us all. Though Kentaro Miura has began work on a new original series known as Gigantomakhia, Gigantomakhia will run in Young Animal, the same company that publishes Berserk, for 6 chapters.

    Fans will be able to rejoice as Miura is believed to return to the world of Berserk after finishing up work on Gigantomakhia.

    Gigantomakhia is a must see for all fans of both Berserk and Kentaro Miura. With Chapter 1 now realized, some might fans skeptical about Muira's new work. One thing is for sure, Miura's art is strong as it as always and never fails to disappoint.

    So what is Gigantomakhia? Set 300 years future th…

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  • Bchwood

    Loot Crate Giveaway

    November 28, 2013 by Bchwood

    Hi Guys,

    To reward you for being a member of the Alliances, Wikia has teamed up with Loot Crate to run a cool Giveaway where you vote on items to create your ultimate Loot Crate. You can then enter to win the crates and if you don't win you can still purchase them!

    You can check it out here --

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Nobody700

    Well... A blog in a while can't hurt. So, here's mine. Now I asked you what YOU like about berserker. Here's mine.

    Guts Is a poetic shaksperian hero. He is one of internal conflict, who must survive in a hostile world. Puck is not a fairy, but a demon who sullies the hero and his friends with the conflicting personality of his. Griffin is the perfect example of a Shakespeare villain, one who is not truly evil, but one you can understand with. Even Casca, a character who loses her warrior personality and character after the rape of Griffin, becoming a shadow of her old self. The great demons in the series, humans who forsake the old husk of the body to become new is a homage to the idea of humans becoming true beasts to survive the world of …

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  • Lemedicus

    like honestly wyald part was an awesome fight in the gold age saga. They left him out both times first in the anime and second in the movies. Any body got any ideas i think they should of did an anime started from the begging of the manga and see it through at least up till fantasia saga and stop there, then wait till that arc is done and continue from there. They are always leaving out interesting events. smh so yea what do you guys think.

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  • OnePieceNation

    Two weeks ago I tried to edit into the chapter box template a page section, but failed I also changed characters in order of appearance into character on the cover since putting the characters in order of appearance in the chapter box under a plus sign doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. I am now going to be working on the Volume Pages and the Chapter Pages. The chapter pages will get several sections. If you disagree with me please let me know and lets talk it out on this blog.

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  • OnePieceNation

    Arcs and Sagas

    September 12, 2013 by OnePieceNation

    Currently we name 5 arcs

    • 2.1 Black Swordsman Arc
    • 2.2 Golden Age Arc
    • 2.3 Retribution Arc
    • 2.4 Hawk of the Millennium Empire Arc
    • 2.5 Fantasia Arc

    But each of these arcs is extremely long and dividedable into several sub arcs. I would see them renamed as Saga's.

    • 2.1 Black Swordsman Saga
    • 2.2 Golden Age Saga
    • 2.3 Retribution Saga
    • 2.4 Hawk of the Millennium Empire Saga
    • 2.5 Fantasia Saga

    And those I Saga's I would like to see divided into Arcs (which I have given potential names)

    2.1 Black Swordsman Saga

    • Baron Arc/Demon Baron Arc/Baron Apostle Arc
    • Count Arc/Demon Count Arc/Count Apostle Arc

    2.2 Golden Age Saga

    • Gambino Arc/Early Childhood Arc
    • Band of the Hawk Arc
    • King's Grace Arc/Zodd's Prophecy Arc
    • Casca and Guts Arc
    • Doldrey Arc
    • Leaving the Band of the Hawk Arc
    • Rescuing …

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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Top Ten Lists

    August 29, 2013 by Staw-Hat Luffy

    Hi everyone. I recently enabled the top ten lists but idk if what I did is right. That's why I want your opinion on them. Personally I like them because they are pretty much like blogs or polls and people are free to add their opinion without causing wars etc. But that's just my opinion. What do you think?

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  • Lemedicus

    i was jusgt wondering since the 3 movies are done what are they going to do now cuz they did say they plan to animate the whole series. And i really want to see a lot of the other arcs animated. anyone got any ideas? Honestly i  really think they should of done a anime that completely followed the manga then do some movies that start in the middle of the golden age. it just wpuld of been more manigable like there doing with jba

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  • Nobody700

    So.... Guess who's back!?

    Yep it's me! After ruining... I mean trolling... I mean enriching two wikis, I'm back to say, what made berserker a favorite for you? There were tons of scenes, like Gut's past, the fighting, and the 'Plot' of some characters. So... What made you read berserker and stay reading it?

    Also... Good news for some... I'm coming back to a old wiki of ours... And let's say... I have a lot of things to say... A LOT... OF THINGS!

    Have a nice time.

    Edit: Never mind... Apperantly I've been blocked for a extra month for having a AWC... I mean... A 'sock'

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  • Besty17

    Open Poll

    June 23, 2013 by Besty17

    Quick Blog from myself, letting everyone know the Polling to Feature Articles has began so get over there ~_~ and vote!

    Berserk Wiki:Featured Article Polls#Voting

    All users are welcome to vote, so please join in.

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  • Nobody700

    Berserker fights

    June 16, 2013 by Nobody700

    Berserker... It has fights... Lots of fights, some bloody ones, some really awesome, some really badass... And some disappointing. However everyone must have had a favorite fight, most disappointed fight, and even a what if fight. My favorite fight was... Guts VS Mozgus. My least favorite was Guts VS Griffith the first time. A what if would be... Skull knight VS Mozgus and his disciples.

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  • Nobody700

    Note, that is is when Griffith is talking to guts after they killed the queen

    The Bakiraka were in the woods while guts and Griffith were talking. After seeing guts kill 5 men in just a second, the rumors of killing 100 men seem to be true, and the leader of the hawks, being just as strong as guts, warned them to the power the two radiated. The women only confirmed the worries.

    "They are very skilled."

    The skinny one, was much more arrogant though.

    "We could still kill them, we are more dangerous then a army."

    "Yes, we could kill them...but how many of us would still live?"

    The other three had to agree, if one of there more stronger and smarter members of the group said that they should stay away. The women did say something though, that surpris…

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