Blue Whale Knights
Blue Whale Knights

Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey




Adon Coborlwitz, Tudor



The Blue Whale Knights (or Blue Whale Ultra Heavy Armored Fierce Assault Annihilation Knight Corps of the Tudor Army) was a Tudor troop in the Hundred-Year War, led by the General Adon Coborlwitz. They were defeated by the Band of the Falcon.

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The Blue Whale Knights are a heavy force of cavalry in service to the Kingdom of Tudor. As their name suggests, their armour is seemingly aquatic in nature, with (in the anime) blued plate in the gothic style of real-life 15th century Germany or (in the manga) very plain 17th-18th century armour alike to that worn by Spanish Conquerors, while others are shown to have almost no armour. Most wear helmets in the shape of the open mouths of fish, or whales given the style of bars over their faces that seem alike to the baleen (hard, straw-looking teeth) of whales. In both anime and manga, neither of them are shown to wear maille beneath their plate.

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The Blue Whale Knights are a unit of heavy cavalry, thus all of their unit are mounted. Their horses all wear plate barding. In the anime, they also wear blue trappers beneath their plate. In the anime, they all are shown to carry metal lances. In the manga, they are shown to carry various weapons, from halberds to axes to spears.

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