Borkoff human

Borkoff apostle




Episode 25




Apostle; Human (formerly)




Reborn Band of the Falcon; God Hand


Demon Lancer Unit

Borkoff is an Apostle with an armored hide and an impressive set of jaws that took Guts' left arm.

Appearance Edit

Borkoff resembles a large salamander with six legs, a club-like tail, and a body covered in thick dark scales. His true body protrudes from the back of his salamander body. He carries a lance and shield.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

Borkoff eclipse

Borkoff in the Eclipse.

Borkoff first appears during the ritualistic slaughter of the Band of the Falcon during the Eclipse ceremony. Borkoff snapped his jaws around Guts' left wrist to preventing him from reaching Casca as the other apostles gathered to ravage her until stopped by the emergence of Griffith as Femto. As Griffith began to rape Casca in front of him, Guts tried to break free of Borkoff's jaws by using Gaston's sword. Since the sword could not penetrate the apostle's hide, Guts chose to amputate his arm with the broken blade.

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

Borkoff Manga

Borkoff against the Daka.

Borkoff is currently in the new Band of the Falcon in the demon lancer unit under Locus.

Notes Edit

  • Like many members of the Demon Lancer Unit, Borkoff has a head on his lower back.

Appendices Edit

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