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Before the Eclipse Edit

Casca was a stoic and hardened woman who was immensely loyal to Griffith. Such was her dedication that it was no secret that she would willingly give her own life for him. But Casca's cold demeanor masked her own inner personal demons as a result of her traumatic childhood and the challenges she faced because of her womanhood.


Casca was very guarded (with good reason) and was shy and embarrassed easily whether it be wearing a dress (though Guts thought she looked beautiful) or having her period during a battle, even if it caused her to faint and have a heated argument with Guts later. Casca was also normally level headed when it came to battle except when Griffith (and later Guts) was involved; otherwise, she was courageous in fights and had strong leadership skills.

Casca hated the fact she was born a woman not only because of numerous attempted sexual assaults but because enemy soldiers did not take her seriously on the battlefield and openly mocked her in front of her fellow Hawks. When Guts got angry that she had not told anyone she was going though her menstrual cycle on the battlefield she yelled back at him that being a women had not been her choice. Guts, seeing her frustration, cooled his anger and from then on always praised her fighting skills. Guts even jokes that the wrath of the enemies they are facing is nothing compared to Casca's anger.

Casca showed the strongest devotion to Griffith and would be become unreasonable and irascible if Griffith was in any danger due to his rescue of her at young age. Casca worshiped him for years to come, saying she desires nothing but to "be his sword". Undeath her could exterior Casca is truly an emotional needful individual desiring to be loved and protected since she was sold off by her family. This why Casca was frustrated that Griffith didn't return her feelings and more hurt that Griffith showed open affection for Guts who believed had usurped her position at Griffith side ensuring many bitter arguments between her and Guts. This anger turn to surprise and gratitude when Guts saved and protected her from Adon and his hundred men, being the first men to shed such blood for her in battle. As a result she became much warmer and curious towards Guts during the siege on Doldrey and sought his company out during the ball. Casca became distraught when he left the Hawks, showing much of the naive attachment to Guts as she did Griffith, but with the feelings more mutual.

After Griffith is captured by the King of Midland, Casca mindset is in turmoil now forced to lead the Hawks, commanded them to safety following a surprise assault from the Midland army. Casca had fallen into depression until Guts returned to save her and the Hawks from Silat. She was shy upon seeing him again but asked him to accompany her to a clearing overlooking the waterfall, where she promptly attacked him. Taken by surprise, Guts was unwilling to hurt her and asked where this anger had come from. Guts even grabbed her sword and held it to his wound, asking why she was doing this. Casca, grappling with her new found feelings for him, yelled at him to let go before he bled to death. Casca feeling lost and depressed tried to commit suicide of the falls. Seeing Guts grab her arm she realized despite him being indirectly the cause of Griffith's capture, she had fallen in love with Guts.


When Guts pulled up, furious at first, but quickly noticed her now returned feelings to him. He then kissed Casca, which she returned gratefully. Before they made love Casca expressed how lost she felt doing this with Guts. Guts comforted her, telling her to go with her instincts; Casca lost her virginity to him. Halfway though intercourse the experience triggered a flashback for Guts to when he was attacked by Donovan and Gambino, causing him to almost strangle a confused Casca. Guts let go, horrified with himself, and collapsed crying for the first time in long time while he revealed his past to her. Casca forgave him easily and thanked him, saying they had now both shown their "weak spots" to each other, and they slept together once more.

Afterwards, Guts told her that after he rescued Griffith he still wanted to follow his own dream of wielding his sword, resulting in Casca getting angry (thinking that Guts hadn't thought of her in his future). However, he then asked her to come with him, saying he wanted to "have her thousand more times" causing Casca to blush and call him a idiot. Soon Casca became a more doting person especially to Guts, insisting on sewing up his wounds herself and becoming terrified for his safety in his fight against Wyald. Casca expressed a wish that he would just flee some fights instead of always standing his ground. Casca tried to keep Guts to a promise that he'd "always protect her" and Guts held to the promise dearly, even when he couldn't save her, costing him a forearm and an eye later in the Eclipse. After saving Griffith Casca realized she was pregnant with Guts' child, however she refrained from telling him as she did not want him to worry. She decided to stay with Griffith, apologizing to Guts when the Hawks were planning to make him leader.

Towards the ending of the Eclipse, Casca finally lost her faith in Griffith and shouted to him from horseback with Judeau, whether is this "Hell" is what he wanted.

Following the Eclipse, from watching her allies get slaughtered to being violated by Griffith and even having her barely formed baby mutated with Griffith's demon seed, the ordeal she suffered destroyed Casca's sanity as she mentally regressed to a child and became unable to speak. She also developed Androphobia (a fear of men) and thus she couldn't stand any man touching her or approaching her, even Guts, causing him much anguish now being unable to touch or love her as he used to.

After the Eclipse Edit

Casca Post-Eclipse Anime

Casca's fear of men died down in the two years she spent at Godo's house "recovering." Now, she will allow other people - even men - to touch her (though she will react violently if any man tries to take advantage of her). Casca is also now easily distracted by shiny objects or creatures (such as Puck) as well as emotional and easily panicked.

Casca can suffer violent flashbacks to the Eclipse that causes her to have violent fits whenever any man but Guts approaches her. Casca seems only to recognize two men from her past: Guts and Griffith. Her relationship with Guts was initially broken alongside her mind, worsened by the two years of absence without him to help in recovering, and shattered further still after the Beast of Darkness pushed Guts to kiss her while restraining her. However, in the time she has traveled with him, she's gotten used to Guts's presence as she watches his fights anxiously and will be playful with him like when she was climbing around the ship and Guts wanted her to come down. In the surface layer of her mind she imagines Guts as tall, dark faceless figure with a sword. Upon meeting Griffith, upon seeing his reincarnated form, she touched his face and fell into his embrace then collapsed crying (likely because her Brand was hurting). She did not seem to recognize Griffith as the man who caused her broken state and betrayed them, and her Brand did not seem to ail her until after Guts' fight with Zodd came to a close. Her familiarity towards him has been implied to be because she feels a connection with him as she did with her child, whom Griffith used to reincarnate, though this has yet to be proven.

In Dreamcast video game Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, when infected by the fully grown Mandragora, Casca who had been encased inside it falls under the creature's healing affects upon the mentally damaged. Casca wakes up in Guts's arms and shockingly recognizes him (much to Guts' delight) showing instant affection by stroking his hair and saying sleepily that she's been having a "bad dream"- most likely referencing the Eclipse. Unfortunately the effects don't last long as Casca has a few spasms and reverted back to her child-like personality.

Casca mind doll

Casca is usually playful and childish taking simple happiness running around with Isidro, Puck and Schierke and has a strong attraction to Farnese as carer is never too far from her side. When they reached Elfhelm, flowerstrom King Hanafubuku reassured the party that she could indeed cure Casca and took Schierke and Farnese into the passage of dreams where they entered Casca's mind. Casca dreams were childlike and sketchy but as they delved deeper they saw a familiar darkness cloud her subconscious.

Casa's mind first appears as a barren wasteland bannered by sheets of black cloth on sticks and with a threatening black mountain in the distance. Casca's dreamscape greatly disturbed Schierke and Farnese, the latter pondering what exactly happened to give birth to such a place in Casca's psyche. The witch duo soon spot a decrepit three-legged hound unmistakably recognizable as Guts as he appears in Casca's mind dragging a coffin crested with the symbol of Band of Hawk. They notice the hound is wounded by five spears thrown by black winged bat creatures that soon return to attack the hound again. Outraged when one of the spears hits the coffin, the hound mauls one of the creatures. Schieke and Farnese assist the hound and then open the coffin despite the hound's reluctance.

Inside the coffin they see broken doll with that resembles Casca which dismays Farnese, but Schierke spots a tiny figure smaller than Puck or Ivalera hiding inside the shell of the doll. She appears to be the fragment of Casca's sanity: the child-like persona Schierke and Farnese are familiar with. Farnese is attracted to the tiny "Mini Casca" and promises to play with her.

Schierke warned her apprentice not to risk losing the tiny Casca fragment as it would effect Casca back in the real world. Farnese and Schierke search for and soon find fragments of Casca's memories which the Guts-Hound places on the doll restoring it slightly. Along the way they fight off a multitude of digusting abstract creatures which Schierke suspects may be things Casca fears or finds repulsive.

Farnese and Schierke see Griffith's rescue of Casca as a girl, her life in the Hawks, and her encounters with Guts where they feel her emotions change grudually from agression, spite, and jealousy to gratitude, curiosity, and affection. Farnese sees Casca passionate intercouse with Guts and understands why Guts loves Casca so much, and along with Schierke are left downhearted due to their feeling towards Guts also.

After experiencing most of Casca's life and restoring the fragments to her doll-self, the exhausted Farnese and Schierke discover they are not far from the source of Casca's tormoil. Farnese then hears Mini Casca speak for the first time to request to see someone. This is the first time Farnese and Schierke have heard Casca utter a coherent word. Farnese and Schierke guess who the person she wishes to see might be; however, the identity is not revealed to the reader. They comfort Mini Casca before moving on.

The inner most layer of Casca's mind appears the root of the damage, and it appears to Farnese and Schierke as most sickening and terrifying. Symbolically, the landscape represents her experiences in the Eclipse. Farnese and Schierke see as a forest of needle sharp vines and corpses. One of the impaled corpses resembles Judeau. All the monsters in area have blatant phallic-shapes. The face of the Demon Child appears on some of the large monsters in this area of her mind which exhaust Schierke's tools. Farnese discovers she has an object in her bag that becomes a large head of Mozgus that defeats them. Farnese surmises this came from her own mind which she carried into Casca's subconsciousness.

At center of this region Schierke and Farnese see the last memory fragment wrapped in a thorny cocoon visually similar to one the God Hand placed Griffith in, directly underneath the Eclipse sun.



Guts and Casca tender moment

Casca was initially hostile towards Guts, who did not know he was fighting a woman in their first confrontation after he killed her horse. Casca also expressed displeasure in keeping Guts's body warm while he was healing, slugging him in the stomach once she no longer needed to tend to him. After Guts joined the Band of the Hawk, becoming the only member Griffith trusted above all else, Casca constantly bickers with Guts out of jealously and his reckless behavior. But their relationship changed during the fight against the forces of Adon Coborlwitz, Casca gradually beginning to confide in Guts. Eventually, after Guts left the Hawks and returned a year later, Casca finally admits her feelings before making love to Guts in the forest (which got her pregnant) . Though Casca suggested she could leave with Guts once they saved Griffith -not telling him she was pregnant- the Eclipse occurs.


In the aftermath, Casca lost all her memories of Guts and was initially scared of him before he gradually built up her trust during the Conviction Arc. But the Beast of Darkness takes advantage of Guts's moment of weakness to strangle Casca, Guts stopping himself yet losing Casca's trust. During the long voyage to Elfhelm, Casca gradually became used to his presence again and will even be playful with Guts like when he wanted her to come down when she was climbing around the ship. Casca does not like Guts touching the Moonlight Boy, snatching the boy away when he tries to play with Guts, ironically the Moonlight Boy is the one thing that draws Guts and Casca together again. Guts is utterly devoted to Casca and will do anything to restore her mind, though Skull Knight hints that it may be not want she wants.

Guts Hound

When Guts heard from the witches in Elfhelm that was indeed possible to restore Casca's mind, Guts smiled more deeply than he had in years. When Schierke and Farnese delved Casca's mind they discovered her subconscious recognizes his efforts to protect her and bring her back despite consciously fearing him. Guts appears within Casca's mind as a weakened hound guarding her metal state's coffin which he is chained to, bearing spears inflicted on him by demonic creatures that constantly attack Casca's broken sanity from the black winged forms. Though bound, the canine will still became angry when Casca's casket was hit by one of the spears and showed reluctance in letting Schierke open the casket.

Aside from his Hound form, Guts appears heavily in Casca's mind he is in nearly every single one of her memory fragment with only two exceptions. Casca's most beloved memory of Guts is making love to him by the waterfall which Farnese describes upon touching the fragment as "overflowing with happiness" which causes sadness on her part.


Casca Rescue

Casca worshiped Griffith, loving him more dearly than any other member of the Hawks. This was strongly due first meeting Griffith when he saved her from being raped by a noble man who took her from her homestead. This connection with Griffith became stronger when she approached Griffith after he prostituted himself to Gennon, comforting him slightly and in her mind becoming closer to him. Her loyalty and devotion to Griffith was unwavering but only caused her strife when Guts stumbled across the Band and Griffith stated clearly "that he needed Guts." Casca, eavesdropping on this conversation, was distraught and became ferociously jealous of Guts' relationship with Griffith, wishing that he would have the same trust in her as he does in Guts. Casca was very protective of Griffith, angry at her fellow Hawks whenever Griffith's life was at risk in battle. Casca panicked more than anybody else when he was attacked by Zodd and tearfully blamed Guts for Griffith injuring himself to save him. After seeing Griffith flirting with Charlotte, Casca soon began to comprehend that Griffith was "beyond her" and she was only chasing a dream. She came to terms with her relationship with Griffith, deciding she could still serve him, just not as his lover.

Upon finding Griffith tortured, crippled, and lame she was horrified. Still, she had unshakable loyalty in him and couldn't bring herself to leave him. When he weakly tried to force himself on top of her, Casca merely embraces him in pity.

Griffith forces-himself on Casca

Casca kept her loyalty to Griffith right up until the Eclipse when he willingly sacrificed the Band of the Hawk to be reborn as Femto. Casca even yelled to Griffith earlier while trying to ride away with Judeau asking whether this "hell" is what he wanted. It is likely due to Griffith's grave betrayal, forced to watch her friends slaughtered before being sexually violated by the man she devoted herself to, that her mind regressed from an inability to cope. When Casca met Griffith once again after his rebirth, she seemed to recognize him as she touched his face (possibly recalling him before the Eclipse), but then she fell over, clutching her brand due to Griffith's presence. It was worth noting Griffith did not harm her and even protected her from falling rocks. This is due to Guts' and Casca's child (whom he deformed from violating its mother and using it to regain a physical form) apparently influencing his actions.

Griffith appears many times in Casca's subconscious though surprisingly not as much as Guts does. Casca's primary memory of him of being Griffith's rescue of her as girl where she starts to worship him, which Farnese alikens to her own worship of Guts. Femto is also alluded to, there countless black bat-like creatures that continually pierce Casca's mind coffin with spears despite the best efforts of the Guts-hound. Also in the deepest layer of her mind there are mutiple black penis-shaped monsters referencing Femto's raping her.


Aside from Griffith (and before Guts arrived), Judeau was the person Casca cared most for in the Hawks, refraining from bickering with him like she did with Guts and Corkus. Judeu especially cared for her saving her from the Blue Whale Knights who were trying to sexually assault her, and following her command to help Guts without question. Judeau also gave her the Elf medicine that healed Guts's wounds and told her about Griffith prioritizing her and Guts' safety over the mission which brought a tear to Casca's eye.

Judeau understood Casca greatly, her unhealthy worship of Griffith that defined her existence and encouraged Guts to pursue a relationship with her. Judeau also saw Casca's changing personality after she bonded with Guts as Judeau had to remind her as mercenary she had no right to interfere between Guts and Griffith's duel, he pondered whether Casca realized the changes she was going though. Judeau help treat Casca's arrow wounds after Midland turned on them and overheard her calling out Griffith's and Guts's names in her sleep, Judeau also brought her food while she planed the rescue of Griffith and claimed she should rest. Judeau was happy to see Casca and Guts's newly formed romance when he returned and even suggested Guts take her with him on his next journey. Judeau was the one who informed Casca of Griffith's untreatable condition and stood by her side in the Eclipse where it was reveled he had feelings for her that he kept hidden, Judeau used his dying breath to protect Casca. It is his death then rape by Griffith that shattered Casca's psyche.

While not physically shown outside memory fragments Judeau's death is alluded to in the center of the turmoil of Casca's mind, with many of the manifested corpses being impaled in similar fashion to him.

Farnese de VandimionEdit

Casca has also developed a obvious bond with Farnese, delighting in her presence as her caretaker. Due to this bond, Guts will seek Farnese out when Casca is not compliant. Casca seems to understand when Farnese scolds her: when Farnese yelled at Casca for splashing hot water on her and not understanding Guts' pain, Casca punished herself by pouring hot water on herself until Farnese stopped her. While Casca likes Farnese very much, the feeling is far from neutral between them, as Farnese harbors a strong jealously of Guts' love for Casca and makes note of it every time she is alone with Casca (though Casca herself does not understand her). To this mind Farnese does her best to keep Guts and Casca separate. When the Moonlight Boy left Casca for a second time and Guts went to help her, Farnese told him he needed to rest and said his prescience would only agitate her. Serpico explained that looking after Casca gives Farnese importance and drive, since Farnese has never met anyone more vulnerable than her.

Farnese along with Schierke delved into Casca's mind and witnessed Casca's life first hand: Griffith rescue of her, joining the Hawks and meeting Guts and experiencing the events of the Golden Age. Farnese was amazed to see how much of solider Casca was, drawing parallels between her worship of Griffith and Farnese is own worship of Guts. Farnese also saw Casca's relationship with Guts and acted surprised but admitted she known all along, which only caused her jealousy to reach a peak. Farnese especially likes the Mini Casca and was first to hear her speak.


Casca has a near-sisterly bond with Erica, as the girl was the first person to comfort Casca after the Eclipse due to Casca being terrified of all men at that point. Ever since, they would play and collect berries together until Casca eventually wandered away from Erica one day. Erica herself is protective of Casca like when Guts was shaking her back into her senses when he woke up from the Eclipse. When Erica and Ricket couldn't find Casca again she became distraught though she also blamed Guts for going on his journey of revenge instead of staying with Casca.


Casca was cared for greatly by Luca who not only took her in, but protected her from lustful cultists by disusing Casca as a leper. Even when seeing the demons and shadows that clouded Casca, she still expressed the desire to help her, senseing that the brand on her left breast was somehow significant. When Luca met Guts she instantly recognized how much Guts loved Casca and did her best to help Guts.


Casca considered Nina a friend during their brief time together, as Nina was tasked by Luca to look after Casca (at the time going under the alias "Elaine"). Casca often comforted Nina when she cried or felt scarred by patting her head or giving her hugs, not aware that Nina was willing to abandon Casca due to her cowardice.

Demon Child and Moonlight BoyEdit

Demon Child saving Casca

Casca has a strong maternal instinct, first seen with her own child. The Demon Child, compelled by its desire to be with its parents, served to protect Casca from the specters that were attempt to devour her. It ultimately resulted with the child dying before being used as a vessel for Griffith's spirit, with the child's desire to protect Casca now part of Griffith. The demon child also appears in Casca's mind

Casca would then express her maternal instinct on the mysterious moonlight boy, whom she cradled in her arms. When the boy climbed on Guts' shoulders, Casca feared for his safety and tried to pull him off of Guts, causing the boy to almost fall on Guts' throwing knifes. Luckily Guts and Casca caught him (huddling together like a family) before Casca pulled the boy way from Guts in anger. The moonlight boy protects Casca as much as she protects him. When Guts was on rampage in the Berserker Armour Casca stumbled out into open upon seeing the boy. Guts (possessed) lumbered towards them but stopped when the boy used his powers to calm Guts, saying he knew that Casca was "not lost." This caused Guts to fight against the Armour and - with help from Schierke - free himself. The moonlight boy stayed with Casca on the boat for a while but disappeared later much to Casca's distress.

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