Charlotte Midland hq
Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Windham



Sharurotto Beatorikkusu Marī Ruhodi Windamu


Episode 7
Master of Sword (2)


(1997 Anime)
Episode 5
A Wind of Swords

Japanese voice

Yuri Shiratori (1997 Anime)
Aki Toyosaki (Movies)

English voice

Rachael Lillis (1997 Anime, Movie 1)
G.K. Bowes (Movies 2 & 3)




16 (Golden Age)
20 (as of Fantasia) [1]


162 cm (5'4") [1]


50 kg (110 lbs) [1]

Hair color









Queen of Midland

Previous occupation

Princess of Midland


King of Midland (Father)
Julius (Uncle)
Adonis (Cousin)
Queen of Midland (Step-mother)
Griffith (Betrothed)

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"I don't care how I look. The warm fireplace, the waiting servants, I don't need them. It's alright if he can't speak. I'm sure even his wounds will heal. We'll be together. Forever...and ever."
– Charlotte

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Windham (シャルロット・ベアトリックス・マリー・ルホディ・ウインダム Sharurotto Beatorikkusu Marī Ruhodi Windamu?) is currently the Queen of Midland.


Charlotte is a brunette with a petite build, a pale complexion, and blue eyes. Her long, curly hair is usually tied into hairstyles befitting medieval royalty, though on rare occasions she has it loose. As the Queen of Midland, she usually dresses in very formal matter, such as wearing ornamental dresses.


Charlotte is a demure, socially-distanced princess who is soft-spoken and polite. She fell in love with Griffith at first sight and has since remained highly faithful to him, even after he is brutally deformed and tortured.

Charlotte developed intense hatred for her father, who imprisoned Griffith and had him brutally tortured for an entire year after discovering the love affair that he had with Charlotte. Her feelings for her father only worsened when he attempted to sexually assault her. She went so far as to no longer consider him a father.


Golden Age ArcEdit


Griffith breaks Charlotte's fall.

Charlotte met Griffith when her father met the young man while he was healing from his encounter with Nosferatu Zodd. While following after her father, Charlotte tripped with Griffith grabbing her by her waist to break her fall. Charlotte then witnesses her uncle Julius, whose White Dragon Knights were replaced by the Band of the Hawk, strike Griffith from touching the princess. Later, during the Autumn Hunt, Charlotte met Griffith again as he teaches her how to use a leaf as a reed. A wild boar then springs out from the nearby foliage, startling Charlotte's horse as she and Griffith are separated from the hunting party. Upon saving Charlotte and calming her horse, Griffith is shot with a poisoned bolt. While it was Julius's attempt on Griffith's life, everyone else assumed that the assailant was after the princess.[2] When Griffith attends the royal ball, he answers her earlier question that all men are driven by their dreams and tells her his ideals. The two are the informed that the ball has been halted due the death of Julius, which Griffith arranged.


Griffith seduces Charlotte.

Following the end of the Hundred Year War with the Battle of Doldrey, having removed the last of his political rivals, Griffith became distraught when Guts left the Band of the Hawk. In a moment of weakness, Griffith seeks out Charlotte and seduces her into giving in her carnal desires for him. The following morning, as one of Charlotte's hand maidens witness the act through a key hole, Griffith is arrested and placed in the Tower of Rebirth where he deduced the king's lust for his daughter before sentenced to a lifetime of endless torture. Charlotte since became distant from her father, especially when she came to from being sedated to find him trying to have his way with her.


Charlotte taking a Baikara dart meant for Griffith.

A year later, with her loyal hand maiden Anna assisting her while learning where Griffith is held, Charlotte aids a group of Hawks consisting of Guts, Casca, Judeau, and Pippin rescue Griffith. Following being hit with a dart from the Bākiraka guards that the king hired, Charlotte returned to her father's side and uses his guilt for trying to violate her to not punish Anna. Charlotte also seemingly convinces her father to renounce his vendetta on Griffith, unaware that the king had no intent to keep his word.

Conviction and Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcEdit

For almost three years after the last time she was Griffith, even as her father was on death's bed, Charlotte isolated herself in her chambers prior to the Kushan Empire conquers Windham. The emperor Ganishka intended to marry Charlotte, but she and Anna were spirited away by Griffith while his forces distracted Ganishka. Soon after, Charlotte accepted Griffith's marriage proposal and supported his right to lead Midland's army against the Kushan invaders.

Fantasia ArcEdit

This section requires expansion.



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