Japanese Name: 英語
English Name: Cockatrice

Cockatrices are a race of astral creatures that have appeared in the world when the light covered the world.


Cockatrices are hybrid creatures, similar to giant roosters with snake-like tails. They possess a poisonous breath, sharp fangs and claws. A Cockatrice spews a vapor of mist that paralyzes whoever breathes in it, allowing it to eat its incapacitated prey alive.


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A Cockatrice, along with some Trolls, attacked a peasans' caravan which was traveling in the woods. When the Neo Band of the Hawk arrived and killed the Trolls, the Cockatrice showed up and proved its superiority to the Hawks' fighting capabilities. One of the soldiers is almost killed, but the monster is engaged in combat by Irvine, who is leading the squad. In order to face the creature, Irvin is forced to change into his Apostle form.


Cockatrice Breath
The Cockatrice's poisonous breath.
A Cockatrice devouring a soldier from the Band of the Hawk.


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