Corkus Manga





Episode 0L
Golden Age 4


(1997 Anime)
Episode 2
Band of the Falcon

Japanese voice

Tomohiro Nishimura (1997 Anime)
Yoshiro Matsumoto(Movies)

English voice

Marc Sebastian (1997 Anime)
Doug Erholtz (Movies)




20 (Golden Age) [1]


173 cm (5'8") [1]


66 kg (146 lbs) [1]

Hair color


Eye color







Band of the Falcon



Previous occupation


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"That face...Like you're in some kinda agony or somethin'!! Like you're the only one walkin' some path of profound sufferin' that no one understands!! Don't be so proud!!! I don't buy it. You ain't special. You can... Never become Griffith."
– Corkus to Guts

Corkus (コルカス Korukasu?) is a member of the original Band of the Falcon who previously led a small band of thieves. He was killed during the Eclipse as a sacrifice.

Appearance Edit

Corkus is depicted as a brown eyed man in his thirties, quite tall and thin. He has smooth black hair that comes down to the base of his neck. Corkus wears a plain purple shirt under his grey armor along with a pair of brown trousers. He often fights with a short sword but is also seen with a crossbow.

Personality Edit

Corkus is depicted as antagonistic towards Guts (oftentimes without provocation) and fiercely loyal to Griffith, though even he admits that Guts is very valuable to the Falcons, as even he started to fear when Guts broke his sword in the battle with Boscogn. His hatred towards Guts is largely one-sided, as Guts doesn't have a major problem with any insults or attempts at assault that may come from Corkus and even seems to value Corkus as a member of the Falcons. Corkus has expressed his hatred of Guts at its fullest when the latter decided to leave the Falcons, revealing that he despises Guts due to his supposed self-centered nature, acting as if he is the only one to bear any burden or pain in life.

The one instance in which he is not directly antagonistic towards Guts was when Guts felt guilty about leaving Griffith, leading to Corkus to reassure Guts that Griffith's imprisonment was not his fault.

Corkus usually appears very cynical and world-weary, but is hinted at being a very idealistic man underneath. Judeau has stated that Corkus once tried to win something for himself, but failed and since then has been reveling in and arguing in favor of any new found glory and privileges that he obtained under Griffith in order to stave off those feelings of loss. Confronted with Guts' decision to leave the Falcons, Corkus claims that he aimed his arrows at Guts' back in several battles, much to the bemusement of the rest of the group.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

This section requires expansion.

Notes Edit

References Edit

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Appendices Edit

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