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Dahl was once the minister for the Count. He plays a similar role to that of the Mayor of Koka, except he's under direct supervision of the Count himself, who has ruled since his human days.

Appearance Edit

Dahl is a short old man shown to be wearing minister's robes, hanging over his shoulders and buttoned on the front. He is shown to have no facial hair and wears a white minister's cap. He always wears a grim expression on his aged face.

Personality Edit

He is a cowardly man who only wishes to keep himself alive. Though he performs many executions and is the public speaker for such events on behalf on the Count, he fears him all the same. Though, he doesn't show much remorse for his actions, which makes him cold hearted and selfish in the end, more so as he insults guards who are dying at the hands of Guts. Somewhere deep inside it does appear he cares for the family he has served under, most likely from his days when the Count was still human. He expresses this after the Count leaves Theresia's room feeling like a monster but his concern is quickly turned into fear as the Count reveals his monstrous true form.

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Black Swordsman Arc Edit

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  • Dahl and the Mayor of Koka are similar characters in both appearance and personality, as both fear their masters, would willingly sacrifice human lives for their own sake, and both wear minister clothing with some minor differences.

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