Egg-Shaped Apostle

Behelit Apostle AV

Egg of the Perfect World



Kanpeki na Sekai no Tamago

Also known as

Egg-Shaped Apostle
The Behelit Apostle


Episode 135
The Tower of Shadow (1)


(2016 Anime)
Episode 5
Tower of Conviction

Japanese voice

Hiroyuki Yoshino (2016 Anime, Berserk Musou)



Eye color

Red and Yellow
White (formerly)


Human (formerly)




God Hand

Previous affiliation

St. Albion


Sacrifice of Griffith's Rebirth

Previous occupation


The Egg of the Perfect World (完璧な世界の卵 Kanpeki na Sekai no Tamago?) is an apostle, once being a deformed outcast of society who watched over the city of St. Albion.

While initially serving as a minor antagonist in the Conviction Arc, the Egg ultimately acts as the key needed to reconstitute Griffith into a corporal form.


He appears as a squat, flesh-colored behelit with orange eyes, standing upon two human legs and two tentacle-like extensions. Also being a sacrifice, the apostle bears a Brand of Sacrifice on his tongue. He is currently the only known individual to be both a sacrifice and an apostle simultaneously.


The apostle believes in purpose and faith; he admires those who show great passion for their beliefs, such as the cult leader and lord Mozgus, to whom he grants great powers. He himself does not like killing and avoids it whenever possible. As a human, he was an outcast who lived on the fringes of society, keeping himself out of sight in an underground tunnel. Hence, he is kind and sympathetic to the misshapen and downtrodden, granting the Demon Child peace by ingesting it and allowing the child to play a part in the birth of the Perfect World. Unlike many apostles, the Egg of the Perfect World is selfless and believes in creating a better world, not for himself, but for the betterment of others.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Apostle Spawn Siring: His tentacles have needles that allow him to sire apostle spawn, though their forms vary wildly, often being twisted reflections of their faith as humans.

Enhanced Agility: The Egg of the Perfect World is very maneuverable, capable of running on walls, ceilings, and the ground with ease. This is achieved through his tentacle-like arms and flexible legs, allowing him to escape his confrontation with the Skull Knight.


Background Edit

Bodies surrounding the Egg

Corpses piling up on "Nobody".

Before becoming the Egg of the Perfect World, the deformed human with no name or family, simply known as Nobody, was born in the outskirts of St. Albion. Nobody's first memory is of a garbage box; while eating refuse, he finds a Behelit amongst the waste. Being ostracized for his abnormal appearance, which causes people to throw rocks at the very sight of him, Nobody is forced to dig a hole to reside in away from the company of others. However, the people of St. Albion, unaware of the man dwelling inside, make Nobody's home a place to dump their dead. Over time, enough bodies pile on top of Nobody to crush him under their weight. As he begins to lose consciousness, his Behelit activates and the God Hand appear before him. Having no loved ones to sacrifice, Nobody offers up the world in its current state in return for the power of an apostle, paving the way for a new "perfect world" to take its place.

Conviction ArcEdit

Behelit Apostle 1st

The Egg of the Perfect World observing events from the shadows

From then on, having left his home, the Egg of the Perfect World begins to observe the people of St. Albion as refugees come to the city, watching the atrocities committed against them by the Holy See Religious Order and those who have been inducted into the cult of the Goddess of Flame. When Casca and Guts arrive at St. Albion, the Egg proceeds to influence the chain of events that will lead to his ultimate purpose: the initiation of the Incarnation Ceremony. The apostle first begins by transforming the heretics' Great Goat into an apostle spawn, the ensuing battle resulting in Casca's capture by the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Subsequently, he sires Mozgus and his disciples into apostle spawn as well.

Luca sees the heretic alter

Luca brought to the apostle's macabre shrine.

When Luca becomes separated from Guts' group and is saved by the Skull Knight, she finds herself spirited by the Egg to the site of St. Albion's mass graveyard, coming to her senses before a horrific Holy See altar fashioned from the skin and bones of priests murdered by the heretics. The apostle reveals himself, disclosing his past to the woman, and then tells Luca of his days long vigil over her, Nina, and the others. Moreover, he explains that the hell currently consuming the city and his own actions are all preordained, elaborating that even Luca's act of bringing Casca to the city was a key element to this plan. While the apostle is forced to flee when the Skull Knight makes an attempt on his life, he realizes that he told Luca everything about himself and his deeds because he needs someone to acknowledge that he once existed. Though the Skull Knight assumed that causality is preventing him from killing the Egg, his initial attack inflicted a mortal injury on the apostle.

Behelit Apostle eats the Child

The Egg swallowing the exhausted Demon Child.

As another set of spirits force their way into the city and consume the living, the apostle's life begins to wane. During his way to the Tower of Conviction, he ruminates on what his life could have been if Mozgus had found him before he invoked the God Hand, and on the way up, the apostle comes across the Demon Child, having witnessed it ward off reanimated corpses from Casca two days ago. Knowing that the child is also dying after using up most of its strength to protect Casca from the possessed blood and Mozgus's flames, the apostle swallows the baby out of compassion; he assures the child that it can "have a nice dream inside of (his) world".

The Egg passes away

The Egg-Shaped Apostle's final moments.

Once reaching the top of the tower, the apostle commands the dead to converge at his location and to form a barrier, beginning the final phase of the Incarnation Ritual. His face rearranges itself while shedding tears of blood, becoming a cocoon for the child as it transforms into Griffith's new body. Once the process is complete, the Egg's world to be realized by Griffith himself, the apostle's body cracks open to reveal the newly reconstituted Hawk of Light. Sometime after St. Albion's destruction, knowing the Egg suffered greatly in life, Luca bundles up flowers and releases them into the air to make her final respects to the nameless apostle among those who died that night.



  • The Egg of the Perfect World is the first apostle in the series to have sacrificed a non-human to become an apostle, and to have died without being killed by anyone.
  • The Egg's role in the Incarnation Ceremony seems to mirror the behelit-like shell briefly seen during the Eclipse when Griffith emerges in his Femto form.

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