Elfhelm Cherry Blossom Visual

"The flowers blossom. The birds sing. The elves dance the day away."

The Elfhelm kingdom is the home of the elves, a utopia located on the island of Skellig in the Western Sea. Like Flora's spirit tree mansion, it lay in an interstice before the Blast of the Astral World which brought about the merging of the physical and astral realms.[1] Many sorcerers and witches reside in a hamlet within the domain's border, living alongside the elves and their ruler, the Flower Storm Monarch, with a variety of other mystical creatures.

Geography Edit

Cherry Tree Elfhelm

A grand cherry blossom tree is Elfhelm's greatest landmark.

Elfhelm is an unmapped,[1] peaceful paradise where food is plentiful, housing cherries that spontaneously regrow upon being plucked, and a populace that plays every day. In the center of Elfhelm lies a gargantuan cherry blossom tree which acts as a palace for the domain's ruler: the Flower Storm Monarch.[2]

One feature unique to the island is that its flow of time is different to the surrounding lands; a single day on the island could be many years outside of it.[3] Also atypical are the trees of the Flower Storm Monarch's demesne; they are extremely large, but do not prevent light from permeating below, as if they themselves emanate light.[4]


Guts and his party encounter the barrier erected to protect Elfhelm.

Though the land itself is not inherently harmful, many enchantments have been placed around it to keep outsiders away following the Blast of the Astral World and the realm's subsequent sublimation into the Physical World. One such enchantment results in the outsider thinking himself to be walking in a straight line, but eventually finding himself back where he started. Only natives are unaffected by the barrier and can navigate through it.[3] In addition, a magic pumpkin patch laden with scarecrows surrounds Elfhelm. The scarecrows attack any intruders if the produce is touched, and even the pumpkins themselves can be ensorcelled with the power of gnomes – spirits of the earth – by witches as a method of driving away trespassers.[5]


Creatures of Elfhelm

Many creatures live together in harmony.

Overseen by its sovereign, the Flower Storm Monarch, Elfhelm is home to a variety of astral creatures: unicorns, fawns, centaurs, dwarves, brownies, harpies, and bipedal deer and fox creatures, as well as the elves themselves, all coexist within the predominantly elfin realm. Various elementals also reside there. However, there are few heavy elementals – barytes – in Elfhelm; they darken the air and weigh down anything nearby, depressing the spirit and feeding obsession, and thus don't do well with the domain's inhabitants.[2]

Living within a witch colony, Governers Gedfring, Skirbil, Thraein, and Ginnar consider the kingdom their home.[4] The Flower Storm Monarch tends to the elders and prepares their meals to keep on good terms with the colony.[6] Additionally, Puck's twin brothers – Pick, Peck, Pack and Pock – all hail from and live in the kingdom.[2]

Residents of Elfhelm

The residents of Elfhelm are curious when visitors arrive.

While it is uncommon for denizens to leave Elfhelm, a few have departed to live or travel elsewhere, including Puck, before his return accompanied by Guts and the rest of his traveling party. When asked why he would leave such a beautiful place, Puck responds that he simply got bored.[7] In actuality, his departure was accidental; the elf fell asleep on top of an albatross and then awakened on a boat headed for the mainland, separated from his home.[3] Flora, too, left the island society, and instead chose to take up residence in a spirit tree, watching over it before her death. However, most of Elfhelm's inhabitants have never left Skellig, showing curiosity about the "outside world" and marveling at the arrival of new visitors.[2]

Story Edit

Fantasia Arc Edit

After slaying the Sea God,[8] Guts and his party are guided to Skellig by a gossip of merrows. They disembark from the Seahorse and are advised against staying in Elfhelm for an extended period, since time flows more quickly outside the elfin domain than inside it. The group then promptly departs.

Upon encountering the magical barrier set up to confuse interlopers, the group attempt to pass through and, though lost and meandering aimlessly all the while, Puck eventually leads his companions to the site of a pumpkin patch on the outskirts of Elfhelm.[3] At first only an irritant, living scarecrows and pumpkins are set upon the party by a hidden envoy of witches, which are quickly deactivated once Schierke manipulates the art cast on them, thereby neutralizing the enemy.[5]

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