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Episode 106 (Manga)
Chapter 106
Guardians (2)
Kanji 守護者(2)
Romaji Gādian (2)
Volume 15 The Misty Valley
Episode (Manga) 106
Pages 19
Date Released January 30, 1998 (tankōbon format)
Arc Conviction Arc
Guardians (1)
Volumes and Chapters

Guardians (2) (守護者(2) Gādian (2)?) is the 106th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.



Guts succumbs to berserker rage as he fights the bug-men.

The bug-men refuse to let Guts through into the depths of the Misty Valley. Guts says, with a manic smile, that he intends to kill every single one of them before even attempting moving forward. He reloads his crossbow, preparing for battle.

As the bug-men attack, Guts fires his crossbow. He kills several of the grounded bugs, but those that can fly manage to evade the bolts and fly around him. Guts notices one of them as it flanks him and fires into its face. Guts goes berserk as, with only his crossbow, he massacres all the bug-men around him. Once free of any immediate danger, Guts decides to use his Dragonslayer to fend off the second wave of bug-men.

As Puck flies through the air, he hitches a ride on an unwilling raven.

He contemplates Guts' life, wondering what the relationship between him and the God Hand, particularly Femto, are. He shakes off his concerns, now that he's separated from Guts. He decides to pick the feathers off the raven's head, earning him a harsh pecking and being thrown off of it.

As he falls, Puck realizes what he's just been flying over - two large cliffsides which run parallel to each other with a thick mist trapped between them. Suddenly terrified, Puck moves to leave, but then decides that he wants to enter it to save Jill. Steeling himself, Puck zooms full-speed into the Misty Valley.


Guts has continued to annihilate the bug-men. As he shakes the last few off, he comes across the final two creatures. Both are still in their naked male forms, and they admit how impressed they are at Guts' being able to kill their entire force of bug-men on his own. Guts is uncaring of their words, so they transform into a mantis-like creature and a beetle twice as large as the bandit leader's beetle form.

The mantis-man charges and Guts swings the Dragonslayer down at it. Though it appears that they are about to strike at the same moment, the mantis-man uses his long arms to strike at Guts' arms, freezing the latter's movements. Just then, the beetle-man flanks Guts and charges straight into his side. Guts cannot raise the Dragonslayer quickly enough to defend himself, and is flung into the air by its large horns.

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