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Episode 22 (Manga)
Chapter 22
Campfire of Dreams
Kanji 夢のかがり火
Romaji Yume no kagarihi
Volume 7 The Battle For Doldrey
Chapter 22
Pages 21
Date Released March 31, 1994 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episodes Bonfire of Dreams
The Battle For Doldrey (1)
Volumes and Chapters

Campfire of Dreams (夢のかがり火 Yume no kagarihi?) is the 22nd chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Casca removes Guts' bandages and administers the elf dust. As she does, Guts explains that while fighting a hundred men as he did may be impressive, it's not as admirable as what Griffith or Casca do - fighting for a dream, for something noble. He tells her that within the Hawks' ranks, there are soldiers who have their own hopes and dreams, and they all fight for it.


Casca deduces that Guts means to leave the Band of the Hawk.

Guts likens their dreams to the bonfires set up around the camp; easily blown out by the wind, so they join a bigger, more resistant flame: Griffith's dream. Guts feels his fire isn't with the Hawks. Casca suddenly realizes he means to leave the Hawks, but he assures her that he will stay with them until their campaign ends.


Guts reprimands Casca's theatricality.

Their conversation is interrupted by Rickert and Pippin, who come to inform them that Griffith, upon hearing that they were safe, rushed back to the camp. Casca greets him first, apologizing for going into battle while she was unwell. Her apology is undermined by Guts, who slaps her on the behind for being too dramatic.

Guts leaves with his men for a drink, leaving Casca with Griffith. She watches as Guts leaves, wondering whether he really intends to leave the Hawks.

Later into the campaign, Doldrey, a strategic castle under Chuder control, is under siege by Midland's forces. The castle is said to be impregnable. One of Midland's generals is informed by a footsoldier that Midland is suffering heavy losses, and Chuder has sent their most powerful regiment of soldiers, the Holy Purple Rhino Knights, to attack Midland's battlefield headquarters.

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