Episode 232 (Manga)
The Daka
Kanji 鬼兵
Romaji Dāka
Volume 27 The Sound of the Sea
Episode (Manga) 232
Pages 18
Date Released August 5, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc
Dread Emperor
Demon Knights
List of Volumes

The Daka (鬼兵 Dāka?) is the 232nd episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The Tapasa suddenly sense the presence of an enemy behind them. They attack, but find that their foe has leapt over their strikes. Silat attempts to throw one of his chakram at the cloaked enemy, who fluidly curves his body while in mid-air to avoid it. The black cloak lands on the ground, seemingly devoid of a wearer, but it slowly draws itself up, revealing that Silat's enemy is Raksas.

Silat and Raksas have prior knowledge of each other, and call each other by name. Silat suspects that Raksas has infiltrated Windham to assassinate Ganishka, but Raksas denies this allegation. Suddenly, the gate behind Silat is opened, allowing an entire cavalry led by Locus to storm into Windham. Silat leaps away from the charging cavalry in time to remain intact, and notices that Raksas has climbed onto Windham's battlements. Silat and the Tapasa climb a staircase onto the battlements and give chase.

A guard reports the situation to Ganishka, saying that the Band of the Hawk has infiltrated Windham. Ganishka orders that the Band of the Hawk be fought against, but seems mostly unconcerned by their presence, thinking that Windham is too heavily guarded for the Hawks to achieve victory.


Locus defends his men from the arrows.

A force of Kushan archers fires a volley of arrows down on Locus' horsemen. Most of the arrows are knocked out of the air by Locus himself, who twirls his spear in the air to block them. The arrows that do make contact annoy their targets more than anything else, and are easily extracted. The Kushan archers are killed when Irvine (with his own force of archers), on a distant rooftop, unleashes his own volley of arrows upon them.

Locus and his horsemen easily charge through a barrier of Kushan pikemen. Ganishka is aware that the attacking Hawks are all Apostles, and so decides to unleash a foe upon them that will be more effective than the regular, human Kushan soldiers: the Daka.

Locus and his cavalrymen continue their charge into Windham, eventually coming across the Daka in font of Windham castle: humanoid goblin-like creatures, with spikes on their heads and protruding teeth. The Daka also wield weapons, shields, and are lightly armored. Ganishka stands on one of the castle's balconies, announcing to Locus that the Daka are powerful and were spawned through dark means.

Locus decides to address Ganishka, not as a man, but as an Apostle. He asks why Ganishka opposes Griffith, one of the God Hand. Ganishka announces that while Griffith may be a god of the Apostles, Ganishka himself is the most powerful being on Earth, who has conquered vast amounts of land and whose ultimate goal is to prove that he is more powerful than God.

Ganishka's words ignite a fury in Locus, who leads the charge directly towards the Daka.

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