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Episode 24 (Manga)
Chapter 24
The Battle For Doldrey (2)
Kanji ドルドレイ攻略戦(2)
Romaji Dorudorei kōryakusen (2)
Volume 7 The Battle For Doldrey
Episode (Manga) 24
Pages 19
Date Released March 31, 1994 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime) The Decisive Battle
The Battle For Doldrey (1)
The Battle For Doldrey (3)
Volumes and Chapters

The Battle For Doldrey (2) (ドルドレイ攻略戦(2) Dorudorei kōryakusen (2)?) is the 24th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The Hawks are in position before Doldrey. In the pre-battle stillness, Judeau and Guts make conversation. Thanks to Judeau's elf dust, Guts' injuries have almost completely healed. Judeau can't help but marvel at the enormous structure that is Doldrey - enormous, thick walls and a towering inner keep, but Guts is confident that if Griffith has a plan, they will emerge victorious.

Boscogn has assembled his Holy Purple Rhino Knights outside Doldrey in anticipation of the imminent charge. He doesn't think too highly of Griffith's decision to place the Hawks between Boscogn's forces and a river, leaving them with nowhere to run. Boscogn wonders whether there is a connection between Griffith and Gennon, but doesn't ponder the matter for too long, choosing instead to focus on the battle.


Gennon hopes to capture Griffith alive so that he may sleep with him again.

Inside Doldrey, Gennon cannot stop thinking of Griffith, and considers himself lucky that he will get to meet the White Hawk yet again. His obsession hinges on his lust for Griffith.


Guts assures Griffith that he is ready to fight.

Guts can barely see Doldrey through a dust storm that has cropped up, but he is reassured by Griffith, who maintains that everything is going according to plan. Griffith moves ahead to assume command. Guts looks back at the flag flying the Band of the Hawk's colors, considering that this deciding battle may be the last one he fights with the Hawks. Griffith orders the charge, and Guts lowers his visor, determined not to let his emotions get the better of him during the battle.

Boscogn is confused by the Hawks' splitting their already tiny force into two, but isn't dismayed. The first half of the Hawks' forces charge directly through the Holy Purple Rhino Knights, led by Guts, who has no trouble cutting through anyone in his way.

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