Episode 265 (Manga)
City of Demon Beasts (1)
Kanji 妖獣都市(1)
Romaji Yōjū Toshi (1)
Volume 30
Episode (Manga) 265
Pages 18
Date Released April 5, 2006 (tankōbon format)
Arc Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc
Divine Revelation
City of Demon Beasts (2)
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City of Demon Beasts (1) (妖獣都市(1) Yōjū Toshi (1)?) is the 265th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

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The Daka's advance has brought them into the heart of Vritannis, where they annihilate nearly every soldier they come across. They also happen to bar Guts and his group's path, so Guts takes it upon himself to clear the way. The surviving soldiers are shocked by Guts' skills. Schierke is suddenly anxious and voices her fears of Guts losing control and giving in to the power of the Berserker Armor, but Guts reassures her by saying that his fight with Serpico was more physically demanding, and he was able to maintain his composure during it.

Isidro and Serpico decide to join Guts in the fight. Roderick is worried that they will be killed, but Farnese assures him that the three men are well-accustomed to doing battle with demonic creatures. The soldiers can only stare in admiration as Guts cleaves Daka in half, Serpico slices off their heads and seems to fly through the air, and Isidro sets them on fire. While Ivalera explains to Roderick and Magnifico that their powers are achieved through magic, Farnese extracts her thorn snakes and uses them to bind several Daka.

Schierke sends a telepathic message to Guts, who in response to this launches a throwing knife into a dark alleyway, where it strikes a harashada in the eye, killing him. The Daka's mouths begin to overflow with fog, and they remain still. The group presses onward, leaving the flabbergasted soldiers behind.


Guts prepares to take on the makara alone.

The group find themselves in a part of Vritannis that has already suffered an attack from Daka that have moved on. Schierke recalls the vision she received from Sonia as she watches buildings burn around her and bodies bleed in the street. Roderick points out several storehouses in the distance, explaining that his ship is moored behind them. Guts stops Roderick before the latter can move towards the storehouses just as a hulking makara bursts out of them, having sensed its presence through his Brand of Sacrifice.

The group turns their attention from the makara to the street behind them, where Daka are advancing on them full-speed, mounted on tiger pishacha. Surrounded, Guts orders the rest of the group to fight off the Daka while he takes on the makara alone. He gives an extra command to Schierke, giving her permission to dive into his mind should he fall to the Beast of Darkness' influence. Schierke accepts this proposal, and the group prepares to fight.

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