Episode 283 (Manga)
Wind Coil
Kanji 風巻
Romaji Shimaki
Volume 32
Episode (Manga) 283
Pages 19
Date Released December 5, 2007 (tankōbon format)
Arc Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc
The Torn Battlefield
The Midland Regular Army
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Wind Coil (風巻 Shimaki?) is the 283rd numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

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Ganishka grows in size as he explains that while he won't kill Griffith, he also won't hesitate to keep him captive and torture him. In response, Griffith taunts Ganishka, who angrily causes a burst of energy which knocks away the pillars holding up the ceiling. Before the structure can collapse on Griffith and Zodd, Grunbeld and his men catch the ceiling, acting as new supports.

E283-Ganishka Kneels-Manga

Ganishka inadvertently kneels before Griffith.

The Apostles throw the ceiling clear off the palace, forcing Silat and his Tapasa to find new perches. Griffith mentions that the salty sea breeze is approaching. Immediately after this is said, a strong wind flows over the battlefield, and Ganishka, who is made of fog, is forced to revert back to his human form to remain whole. The effort of this brings him to his knees, and when he looks up he finds that he is kneeling directly before Griffith.

Ganishka cannot decipher whether the wind was summoned by Griffith or whether it was a simple coincidence. Griffith suggests that Ganishka order his army to withdraw. According to Griffith, they've arrived at a stalemate: Ganishka cannot be harmed while in his fog form, but he cannot maintain the form when a strong wind blows through. Additionally, Ganishka's fog form prevents him from being taken captive, but if he is blown apart his army will be left without leadership.

Griffith suggests they both recall their armies and reschedule their battle to take place in Wyndham. Ganishka is energized by the suggestion and gets to his feet, accepting the proposition eagerly.

The signal of retreat is given to the Kushan army, who clear away from Vritannis. Silat goes with them, but turns to watch as the Falcons surround and cheer for Griffith's victory.

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