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Episode 2 (Manga)
Chapter 2
Nosferatu Zodd (1)
Kanji 不死のゾッド(1)
Romaji Nosuferatu Zoddo (1)
Volume 5 Nosferatu Zodd
Chapter 2
Pages 19
Date Released March 31, 1993 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episodes Zodd the Immortal
Sword Wind
Nosferatu Zodd (2)
Volumes and Chapters

Nosferatu Zodd (1) (不死のゾッド(1) Nosuferatu Zoddo (1)?) is the 2nd chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.



Guts finds the work of Nosferatu Zodd.

Since joining the Hawks, Guts has been promoted to Raid Captain, and has scores of Hawks under his command.

Griffith, Casca, Corkus, Rickert, Judeau and all their subordinates look on as, in the distance, Guts leads his own men to raid a castle occupied by Chuder forces. Judeau informs those around him that a legendary swordsman and fearsome warrior known as Nosferatu Zodd is purportedly allied with Chuder. Legends involving Zodd are centuries old, hence both his nickname, Nosferatu, and the notion that he is immortal. They all have the same feeling of unease upon learning the news.

Inside the castle proper, Guts is raring to enter a keep in which he sent fifty men who have not returned, having been killed by a single warrior inside. Despite Gaston's (Guts' second-in-command) suggestion, Guts refuses to ask for reinforcements from Griffith. Suddenly, a lone Hawk exits the keep, the right side of his body horrifically mangled. He utters the name "Nosferatu Zodd" before dying, confirming the earlier rumors.

Nosferatu Zodd.

Ordering his men to wait outside, Guts enters the keep alone.

As Guts wanders through the keep, he sees the bodies of his soldiers have been completely torn apart, despite their wearing armor. As he ventures deeper, he finds Zodd; a hulking, naked man with animalistic characteristics who wields only an enormous cutlass-like blade. Guts charges, but is easily knocked back by the larger and stronger Zodd, who seems practically inhuman.

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