Episode 301 (Manga)
Kanji 混沌
Romaji Konton
Volume 34
Episode (Manga) 301
Pages 18
Date Released October 2, 2009 (tankōbon format)
Arc Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc
The Medium of the Falcon
The Flight
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Chaos (混沌 Konton?) is the 301st numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

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Sonia and Irvine watch the human Falcons fight back against the Ganishka monsters. After a moment, Sonia hunkers down on his body at his request so that he can move into action without fear of hurting her. Irvine leaps clear over several Falcons (who are on horses) to reach the front line. Upon landing, a string appears that links the two antlers of his Apostle form's head together. He plucks several hairs off his tail, which form an arrow without prompting. Loading the arrow into the antlers, Irvine uses his own body as a ballista to launch the arrow into a nearby monster. The hairs of the arrow branch out upon impact, killing the monster from the inside out.


Humans and Apostles team up in the face of a greater mutual threat.

Irvine launches several more such arrows, then Sonia commands the nearby pikemen to charge. The battle continues to rage on - humans and Apostles against Ganishka's monsters. Daiba watches the entire scene from the sky, atop his Garuda. To him, the unlikely alliance between humans and Apostles should have been impossible; Apostles are effectively humans who've rejected humanity and have been rejected by it. Nevertheless, humans and Apostles have accepted each other as allies to fight against Ganishka.

Laban and the Arklow Knights are still standing ready to defend the Pontiff against any monsters who may approach. The Pontiff himself stares at the battle in awe. As he looks around, he sees before him the very reasons people adopt religions and doctrines: the gigantic Ganishka slowly walking forward, the smaller monsters swarming the Falcons. Both of these are unknown and impossible creatures whose very existence defies all logic to humans, and yet the Pontiff can see them clearly.

And yet, he reflects, he does not feel fear or anxiety in his current predicament. He stares into the heart of the battle, where Griffith fights against the monsters from atop his horse.

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