Episode 303 (Manga)
Kanji 逆光
Romaji Gyakkō
Volume 34
Episode (Manga) 303
Pages 17
Date Released October 2, 2009 (tankōbon format)
Arc Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc
The Flight
List of Volumes

Backlighting (逆光 Gyakkō?) is the 303rd numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

Summary Edit

A flashback reveals several key events of Ganishka's past: as a child, his mother had clearly favored his younger brother and, wishing for the latter to become the heir to the Kushan Empire, she had poisoned Ganishka. He survived, and as revenge Ganishka murdered his own brother. His mother took her own life out of grief soon after.

Despite still having political opponents in other members of the aristocracy, Ganishka had managed to properly maneuver his way through the dangers as he grew into an adult. Once seeing the current Emperor in person, Ganishka noted that his eyes were full of fear and suspicion. Later, the Emperor went on a royal visit, but his elephant mount went berserk and he was thrown off of it. The fall killed the Emperor. In reality, this was an assassination plot by Ganishka and another man: the man, working with Ganishka, had fired a poison dart into the elephant, causing it to go berserk. Ganishka then killed his assassin cohort.


Ganishka was nearly the victim of an assassination.

Ganishka was promptly made Emperor but was still plagued by many political opponents all vying for the throne he sat on. To curb this, Ganishka devoted himself to inspiring great amounts of fear in his political opponents. His method of doing so was to frequently declare war on other nations. As was expected of him, Ganishka was married and conceived a child with his wife. However, his endless military campaigns prevented him from spending time with his family, but he did not deny that he secretly feared them.

After years of war, and after he had begun to foster the idea of becoming supreme overlord of the world, Ganishka attended a banquet in his honor. His drink was poisoned, and the guards in the room turned against Ganishka and his loyal aristocratic allies. The person responsible for the attack was Ganishka's own son, now grown. Ganishka was stabbed numerous times by spears, yet survived long enough to crawl to an oddly-shaped stone located near other spoils of war; the stone was presented to Ganishka long ago by Daiba.


Griffith reverts to his Femto persona.

Sacrificing his own son, Ganishka became an Apostle who was incapable of being hurt by other humans. In the present, Ganishka is absorbed in his own thoughts and sees the world as only a black, empty void. Suddenly, a circle of light opens up before him, and a hand reaches down towards him from it. Ganishka fears the person to whom the hand belongs, because 'he who bears the light exists in the deepest shadow'.


The Skull Knight appears to attack Femto.

The hand belongs to Griffith, who has reverted back into his alter ego, Femto. Griffith places his hand on Ganishka's face, and Ganishka closes his eyes upon being touched.

A hole is torn through the air behind Griffith, and stepping out of it is the Skull Knight. Using the reality-warping Sword of Actuation, the Skull Knight slashes at Griffith's back.

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