Episode 310 (Manga)
Ghost Ship (3)
Kanji 幽霊船③
Romaji Yūreisen san
Volume 35
Episode (Manga) 310
Pages 16
Date Released September 29, 2010 (tankōbon format)
Arc Fantasia Arc
Ghost Ship (2)
Solitary Island
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Ghost Ship (3) (幽霊船③ Yūreisen san?) is the 310th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

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Guts' friends are relieved to see that he's arrived. Several tentacle-monsters attack Guts, but he kills them all with one swing of the Dragon Slayer. He inadvertently wedges his sword in the Seahorse's bulwark and admits that he's not in top form. Even so, Bonebeard and Roderick's crew are shocked at Guts' skills.


The larger tentacle "core".

Guts warns Roderick's crew to keep their heads low and proceeds to kill monster after monster, taking one out with a single swing before moving on to the next. The sight amazes those on Roderick's side but enrages Bonebeard, who summons the biggest monster yet; this new, bigger monster is the 'core' of the smaller ones; Bonebeard explains that the smaller monsters are the larger one's whiskers.

The bigger monster opens its gaping, circular mouth and advances on Guts. The latter takes aim and fires his cannon arm into the former's mouth, using the momentum of the recoil to swing around and follow up the shot with a big swing of the Dragon Slayer. The monster falls back into the sea, defeated.

Bonebeard is more enraged than ever and attempts to declare that he has more means of attack. However, he is interrupted by Guts, who says that Roderick and his crew are also capable of fighting.

While Guts fought the monsters, Roderick's crew managed to get to their battle stations. On Roderick's command, they fire their cannons directly into the Captain Bonebeard.

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