Episode 350 (Manga)
Episode 350 (Manga)
Memory Fragments
Volume 39
Episode (Manga) 350
Arc Fantasia Arc
"Passage of Dreams"
"Forest of Corpses and Needling Pines"
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"Memory Fragments" is the 350th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura. It is also the 43rd episode of the Fantasia Arc.

Summary Edit

Schierke and Farnese approach a sword and helmet, and upon making contact with them, witness Guts and Casca's first meeting from the latter's perspective. With the ending of the memory, the two observe the casketed doll has been repaired further, proving that experiencing the memory fragments of the dreamscape is crucial to fully reconstructing the broken effigy of Casca.

The two trek on through the dreamscape, experiencing Casca's various memories from the Band of the Falcon's gilded years, as well as Griffith's rescuing of Casca from a lustful noble in her pre-teen years; in the latter instance, Farnese sympathizes with Casca's initial feelings towards Griffith, having bore similar emotions herself upon meeting Guts. They experience Casca's joy at Griffith's seeming triumph in the banquet as well as her shock when he appears to be poisoned. They go on to experience Casca's jealousy-ridden memory of Guts during the two's time in a cave, as well the heart-renching helplessness induced in Casca by the Guts' defection from the Falcons.

The two sorceresses then encounter repulsive "hair ball" demons which Schierke supposes represent things Casca found viscerally repulsive. Schierke summons the Lady of the Depths to dispatch the creatures. A waterfall appears from the sky, and the girls witness Casca and Guts fight again, then Guts saving Casca from falling. The scene shifts to the memory of Guts and Casca's first intimate moment. In perhaps an intentionally comic moment, Farnese covers Schierke's eyes claiming she must not see what the two are doing, while Schierke protests she must for "research purposes." Meanwhile, Farnese glumly acknowledges the feelings Guts and Casca always had for one another. They then turn to an ominous eclipse.

Farnese Mini Casca

"Mini" Casca appears to trust Farnese, while Farnese accepts her.

Schierke and Farnese wander in a montage of scenes from the period before the Eclipse. At the end, the "mini" Casca leaps from the coffin and sits on Farnese's shoulder. Previously, "mini" Casca would not leave the coffin, and she appeared afraid. Farnese smiles and gives her hand to "mini" Casca. Farnese and Schierke feel as if they have wandered for a very long time: "a month . . . maybe even a year" though it also feels, to them, that the journey has been a day. Schierke notes that only a few pieces of Casca's doll remain missing.

They notice an ominous mountain peak in the distance, hovered by a solar eclipse breaching through a crepuscular sky. Schierke realizes the primary cause of Casca's regression is situated there and acknowledges the perilous demons that await them. At this point, Farnese notices that "mini" Casca is hiding, scared, in the hollow in the chest of Casca's doll. Farnese reassures "mini" Casca. She then hears a tiny voice and both she and Schierke realize "mini" Casca is speaking: "There is someone I want to see." The two resolve to take the tiny avatar to that person and make their approach towards the miasmic peak. Both state, without giving the name, that they suspect they know the identity of the one "mini" Casca wishes to see.

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