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Episode 41 (Manga)
Chapter 41
Arms Tournament
Kanji 闘技会
Romaji Yume no shūen
Volume 9 Skull Knight
Chapter 41
Pages 21
Date Released March 31, 1995 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Demise of a Dream
The Fugitives
Volumes and Chapters

Arms Tournament (闘技会 Yume no shūen?) is the 41st chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


One year later, at a castle far from Windham, a noble watches on as many knights, warriors and commoners perform feats of strength, skill, and joust in some tournament. According to the noble, his combat tournaments have gained a legendary amount of fame across many countries. It seems his claims are in fact grounded, as two warriors enter the ring: Valancia, a Chuder-born veteran of the One Hundred Year War, and Silat, a masked dark-skinned man of unknown origins.


Silat destroys Valancia's weapons.

Despite Valancia's enormous size and strength advantage, he cannot hit the much more agile Silat. Eventually, Silat pulls out what appears to be brass knuckles, but with three blades protruding from the knuckle area at different angles. He catches Valancia's own titanic blade in these weapons, and snaps the blade in two. The scared Valancia admits defeat.


Guts easily beats Silat.

The next participant to enter the ring is Guts, who, with permission of the tournament's host, prepares to do battle with Silat. He provokes Silat into attacking first, and Guts easily dodges the lightning-quick strikes. Silat tries to use a blade in the toe of his boot to stab Guts through the neck, but it, too, is easily blocked by Guts, who uses the hilt of his sword to intercept Silat's leg at the ankle. Using his other foot, Silat attempts the same move, but it is also blocked, this time by Guts' hand. With both of Guts' hands now occupied, Silat bends backwards to stab Guts through the abdomen, but Guts is quicker, and strikes Silat in the side with the flat of his blade.

The impact of the blow sends Silat flying through the fence which surrounds the ring. The tournament's host comes out to greet Guts personally, extremely impressed with the large swordsman's skills. He intends to hire Guts to work for him, but Guts declines the offer, having participated in the tournament only to try his hand at fighting strong opponents.

The noble displays a slight disappointment, and tells Guts of a group of bandits which are camped out in a nearby wood, notable in their being led by a very skillful woman warrior. Apparently, most of the bandits in the group were originally from a disgraced group of mercenaries which were allied to Midland, called the Band of the Hawk.

Guts realizes that the woman leading the bandits is Casca.

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