Episode 4 (Manga)
Chapter 4
Nosferatu Zodd (3)
Kanji 不死のゾッド(3)
Romaji Nosuferatu Zoddo (3)
Volume 5
Episode (Manga) 4
Pages 20
Date Released March 31, 1993 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Anime Episode(s) Zodd the Immortal
Nosferatu Zodd (2)
Nosferatu Zodd (4)
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Nosferatu Zodd (3) (不死のゾッド(3) Nosuferatu Zoddo (3)?) is the 4th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

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The monster that was once Zodd attacks Guts with his bare hands, but Guts is overcome with fear and doesn't notice the strike until it's too late. The blow lands, sending Guts straight through a nearby pillar. Having come to his senses, Guts moves with all his strength to avoid Zodd's attacks as the monster demands him to fight back. Finding an opening, Guts strikes, but it's futile: Guts' sword barely manages a scratch on Zodd's horns. Zodd strikes again, and Guts is knocked into another pillar. With Guts now too tired and injured to move, Zodd expresses disappointment in the short fight yet compliments the young warrior one last time for his tenacity and skill.


The Falcons arrive to save Guts.

Before Zodd can deal the killing blow, a volley of arrows dig into his back: Griffith has arrived with the Falcons, intent on saving Guts. They fire a second volley, but the arrows have no effect as livid Zodd proceeds to massacre his new opponents for interfering in his battle. While the monster is distracted, Griffith takes the opportunity to find Guts and help him escape, the latter angry at himself for needing to be saved by Griffith. But Zodd steps before them as they were about to fall back, not intending to yet them leave the chamber alive.

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