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Episode 50 (Manga)
Chapter 50
Infiltrating Windham (2)
Kanji ウィンダム潜入(2)
Romaji Windamu sennyū (2)
Volume 10 Festival’s Eve
Episode (Manga) 50
Pages 21
Date Released September 30, 1995 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime) Infiltration
Infiltrating Windham (1)
Festival's Eve (1)
Volumes and Chapters

Infiltrating Windham (2) (ウィンダム潜入(2) Windamu sennyū (2)?) is the 50th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


As the Hawks run through the flooded escape tunnel, Guts thinks back on his more significant moments with Griffith, and about how Griffith is the type of person who would never give up, by virtue of his boundless ambition.

They emerge from the escape tunnel into a mausoleum deep within Windham, where they're greeted by two hooded women who are waiting for them. Casca assures Guts that they're allies. One of them suddenly realizes who Guts is, and removes her hood: it's Charlotte, in the presence of one of her trusted handmaidens, Anna. It turns out that the Hawks' informant was Charlotte herself.

At Casca's urging, the entire group begins to move in search of Griffith. As they wander through the dark and empty Windham, Casca wonders whether Griffith's torture has resulted in his losing interest in Charlotte. Realizing that she's still jealous of the princess, Casca places her hand in the surprised Guts', but snatches it away when Charlotte turns to speak with her to apologize on her father's behalf for Griffith's torture.

Suddenly, two guards wander into the area after hearing their voices. Guts and Judeau prepare to fight, but Charlotte moves in front of them, preventing the light of the guards' torches from reaching their faces. She convinces the guards that she, with protection from her "bodyguards", was simply taking a nighttime stroll. Anna moves forward and bribes the guards to keep their secret. The guards leave.


Casca takes hold of Guts' cape despite rejecting his (sarcastic) offer of holding hands.

Charlotte collapses out of nerves, having never bluffed the way she just did. She wonders whether her devotion to Griffith is resulting in changes in her character. The group begins to move again, and Guts jokingly asks Casca whether he should hold her hand. She pushes him away, but holds onto his cape as they walk.

Eventually, the group comes to an ancient, large and imposing tower. Judeau explains that the tower, called the Tower of Rebirth, and the prison which is housed far beneath it, have allegedly existed since before Midland's conception. Charlotte says that Griffith is being kept in the prison's lowest level. As Casca makes to thank and excuse Charlotte from their company, Judeau pulls her aside and urges her to keep Charlotte around, as she'd make a valuable hostage should the need arise. Charlotte overhears them, and asks of her own volition to be invited along with them.

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