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Episode 56 (Manga)
Chapter 56
Bākiraka (1)
Kanji バーキラカ(1)
Romaji Bākiraka (1)
Volume 10 Festival’s Eve
Chapter 56
Pages 19
Date Released September 30, 1995 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
A Way Through
Bakiraka (2)
Volumes and Chapters

Bākiraka (1) (バーキラカ Bākiraka (1)?) is the 56th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The Bakiraka are five dark-skinned people, two men of the group wearing turbans, reminiscent of Silat. They are comprised of an average-sized cloaked woman, an enormous, extremely strong man, a shorter, well-built man, an extremely tall, skinny man with long limbs, and a minuscule man sitting on the enormous man's shoulder. Two guards converse over the Bakiraka's origins; they hail from east of Midland and are highly skilled assassins. The King of Midland orders the Bakiraka to chase after the Hawks, and tells them to both kill Griffith by any means necessary and not to harm Charlotte.


Griffith's view of Casca and Guts.

The Hawks have lost sight Guts, who has ventured back into the mausoleum, killing any soldiers he finds along the way. The group finally catches up to him, leaning on his sword and panting heavily due to exhaustion. Casca notices how frightened Charlotte is of Guts' bloodstained appearance, so she wipes his face with a handkerchief. Griffith notices how tender Guts and Casca's interactions have become.

The group heads back into the escape tunnel, unaware that they are being followed. As they run, Charlotte hopes that Griffith's wounds will eventually heal so that they will be able to be together. Guts stops the group, feeling uneasy. After looking around, he notices the tall lanky Bakiraka suspended above him like a spider. The man swoops down and strikes, but Guts narrowly blocks the blow. The man crawls up into the darkness that shrouds the ceiling.


Charlotte takes an attack meant for Griffith.

On edge, the entire group stands ready to defend themselves from another attack. Casca looks down between her feet and notices a face beneath the water. The short, stocky Bakiraka rises up to strike with his trident, but Casca blocks it. He swims away before she can counter.

Judeau suspects the assailants are Bakiraka, telling the group that they are assassins that, for humans, are oddly-proportioned. As he says this, Charlotte notices the tiny Bakiraka slither out of a small drain pipe and aim his blowgun at Griffith. Charlotte intercepts the dart with her arm, and the noise she makes as she collapses in the water draws the attention of the other Hawks.

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