Episode 60 (Manga)
Chapter 60
Devil Dogs (2)
Kanji 魔犬(2)
Romaji Maken (2)
Volume 11
Episode (Manga) 60
Pages 19
Date Released March 29, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Devil Dogs (1)
Devil Dogs (3)
List of Volumes

Devil Dogs (2) (魔犬(2) Maken (2)?) is the 60th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

Summary Edit

As the Falcons come to the top of a hill, Casca notices figures in the distance, running after them, and alerts the other Falcons. Casca is the first to realize that their pursuers have impaled the farmers' maimed bodies with their spears and being brandished high above the ground. Casca is disgusted by their pursuers' ruthlessness, and Judeau identifies them as the dangerous Black Dog Knights.

The Falcons catch a glimpse of a bridge in the distance, which leads to the forest in which they've stationed the other part of the Griffith Rescue Force. The Black Dogs' speed means that they will catch up before Griffith's cart can make it to the crossing, however.

Guts turns his horse to face the enemy, saying that he will buy the Falcons time to escape. Casca becomes worried, recalling the day she left Guts alone to fight one hundred of Adon's men. He reassures her, and says he will run if things take a turn for the worse. Pippin decides to stay with Guts to help him fight Wyald.

Together, Guts and Pippin easily kill many Black Dogs, but no matter how many are cut down, they still charge full force. Guts soon realizes that the Black Dog Knights are driven by fear of Wyald. Wyald throws his spear, which bears the armless and legless body of the girl who helped the Falcons at the farm, at Guts, who manages to deflect it.


Wyald intercepts Guts' attack.

Wyald steps in close to Guts, who swings his sword, but his hand is caught by the wolfish man. Pippin swings his hammer at Wyald, who is forced to release Guts' hand to avoid harm. Guts feels an enormous bloodlust in Wyald and is reminded of Nosferatu Zodd and the Skull Knight.


The bridge leading into the woods is destroyed by Casca.

Casca calls out to Guts and Pippin, who turn and run across the bridge. Wyald and the Black Dogs follow, knowing full well a trap has been set; Wyald runs head on into it for the enjoyment it will bring. Casca lights a fuse, which leads to barrels filled with gunpowder suspended beneath the bridge, and after the Falcons have crossed, while the Black Dog Knights are in the dead middle of it, the bridge explodes.

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