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Episode 62 (Manga)
Chapter 62
Devil Dogs (4)
Kanji 魔犬(4)
Romaji Maken (4)
Volume 11 Devil Dogs
Chapter 62
Pages 18
Date Released March 29, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Devil Dogs (3)
Roar of the Wild Beast
Volumes and Chapters

Devil Dogs (4) (魔犬(4) Maken (4)?) is the 62nd chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Wyald looks at Guts with interest, saying that Zodd once mentioned a lively warrior in the Hawks' ranks. Guts' sword and Wyald's club clash as the Hawks and Black Dogs collide. Casca hands the helpless Griffith off to a medic so that she, Judeau and Pippin can join the fight.

Casca watches as Wyald matches Guts' strikes blow for blow, blocking them with ease. Guts notes that Wyald fights as though improperly trained, relying on pure reflex rather than any kind of skill or discipline. Just as one of Guts' strikes seems to land, his short-lived triumph is replaced with surprise when he notices that Wyald has caught the blade in his teeth.


Guts and Wuald engage in a furious exchange of attacks.

Guts, still holding his sword, jumps off his horse after Wyald punches it in the face, killing it. He brings his feet down on Wyald's cheeks and yanks the blade out of Wyald's mouth, knocking Wyald off his own horse.


Griffith's injuries prevent him from helping the Hawks.

He and Guts trade insults for a few seconds, but Wyald's mention of the mysterious Eclipse spurs Guts to attack. Their weapons cannot be clearly perceived in the ensuing flurry of attacks.

Griffith is being kept hidden in a small hollow beneath a tree's roots, guarded by two Hawks, who reassure him that they won't be seen by the Black Dog Knights. He reaches for a nearby sword, which is leaning against the hollow's wall, but his injuries don't allow him to grip it tightly, and it falls uselessly to the ground. He is unable to help the Hawks.

Wyald deals a kick to Guts so hard that the latter is thrown back several feet. A tired and frustrated Guts straightens him to face the delighted, wolfish-featured man.

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