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Episode 68 (Manga)
Chapter 68
The Flying One
Kanji 飛来者
Romaji Hiraisha
Volume 11 Devil Dogs
Episode (Manga) 68
Pages 21
Date Released March 29, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime)
Armour To The Heart
The Immortal Once Again
Volumes and Chapters

The Flying One (飛来者 Hiraisha?) is the 68th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Wyald has found his way deep into the Hawks' camp, screaming that he desires yet to live.

Guts finishes fastening Griffith's armor. The latter reaches for his sheathed sword with a trembling hand, but he cannot get a firm grip on the hilt, and the sword cannot be moved. Guts tells Griffith to be patient and heal before trying anything too drastic. Griffith, wordlessly, seems to doubt Guts' words.

Hearing a commotion outside, Guts grabs a standard-sized sword which is lying around in the cart before he thrusts open the cloth flaps of the shaking cart. He is greeted by Wyald's enormous hand, which destroys the cart in one hit, sending both Guts and Griffith tumbling out of it. Wyald, still with Guts' broken broadsword in his neck, again utters his desire to live, before he reaches down and snatches Griffith in his hand.

He brandishes Griffith high in the air, threatening to kill him if the Hawks move. He has become afraid, muttering about his fear of a mysterious vortex. Then, he orders Griffith to use his Behelit to summon the "guardian angels", a group called the God Hand, for help.


Griffith's body, ravaged by a year of torture.

Griffith thinks back to the vision he had while imprisoned of the four mysterious figures through the hole in the wall which was previously covered by a brick.

The Hawks all aim their crossbows at Wyald. He laughs, stating that fighting for Griffith is futile, as he is already as good as dead. To showcase his point, Wyald strips Griffith of his armor and bandages, with the exception of the hawk mask, revealing his emaciated, damaged body to the entirety of the Band of the Hawk. He points out that Griffith can no longer move, speak, or even live on his own, demoralizing the Hawks. Guts seems ready to attack, but Wyald's threat to kill Griffith stills him.

Wyald decides he's had enough of waiting around and reaches for Griffith's Behelit, which isn't around his neck (due to it having falling down a sewer at the beginning of his imprisonment) to call the God Hand. As he makes the sudden realization, an even bigger monster, Zodd, lands behind him.

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