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Episode 69 (Manga)
Chapter 69
The Immortal Once Again
Kanji 不死者再び
Romaji Fushisha
Volume 11 Devil Dogs
Episode (Manga) 69
Pages 23
Date Released March 29, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime)
The Flying One
Requiem of the Wind
Volumes and Chapters

The Immortal Once Again ( 不死者再び Fushisha?) is the 69th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The Hawks are startled by the appearance of this new monster, one that towers over the crawling Wyald: Zodd. The terrified Wyald can only get a few words out before Zodd impales him on his horned head and lifts him high into the air. Wyald manages to keep a firm grip on Griffith.

Zodd and Wyald's positions are such that Griffith, held in Wyald's hand, is but a few feet from Zodd's lion-like face, and they lock eyes. Wyald, further weakened, addresses Zodd. He asks him if he is operating under orders from the God Hand, and Wyald recites the one commandment given to Apostles, monsters such as the pair of them: "Do what thou wilt".


Nosferatu Zodd mercilessly kills his fellow Apostle, apparently coming to Griffith's defense.

Wyald then motions to Griffith, and says that the God Hand should have no problem whether or not he lives or dies, even if he is the "fifth one", a term that confuses everybody present but Zodd. Zodd replies that, if that is the case, Wyald will die either way, either of his wounds, or by Zodd himself. The latter comes to pass when Zodd reaches up and grabs either end of Wyald's gorilla body, and yanks downwards. Wyald's stomach bursts open, killing him.

Wyald's death means Griffith is dropped from a great height, but he is caught by Guts before Wyald's body is removed from Zodd's horns and cast to the ground.

Zodd stares at the Band of the Hawk, then addresses Griffith, foretelling of a valued possession, once lost, that will be found again. He stretches his wings out, leaps, and takes off into flight. Guts yells up at him, asking whether the Eclipse and inescapable death Zodd had once prophesied have just come in the form of Wyald's attack.

Zodd refuses to answer, only saying that all will be revealed soon, and flies away. Just then, a Hawk draws Casca's attention to Wyald's body. As all the Hawks watch, a large, tentacled mass of deformed people emerge from the wound in Wyald's stomach. They reach outwards from within the center of his dead body, grabbing onto his limbs. Guts realizes that Wyald's body is imploding, collapsing in on itself due to the tentacles dragging Wyald's limbs back into his own body.

Wyald's true, frail human body.

Guts sees the vortex Wyald had feared as his giant body slowly disappears into the one point with a flash of light.

Wyald's enormous, monstrous body is gone, leaving behind only steam. As it clears, the Hawks catch sight of the human Wyald had once been before becoming a monster: a small, frail old man, with Guts' sword in his neck, and his intestines spilling out due to Zodd's attack.

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