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Episode 73 (Manga)
Chapter 73
Romaji Shoku
Volume 12 Eclipse
Episode (Manga) 73
Pages 22
Date Released September 30, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime)
Back Alley Boy
The Promised Time
Volumes and Chapters

Eclipse ( Shoku?) is the 73rd episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


As Griffith kneels in the water in the light of the setting sun, he stares at his Behelit, which is hanging from his outstretched hand. He recalls Zodd's prophecy of a treasured belonging returning to him, and also thinks of Wyald's order to call the God Hand using it. Just then, a breeze begins to blow over the river.

As Guts chases after Griffith in his own cart, he begins to wonder whether it really is a good idea to leave the Hawks again. He thinks back to his duel against Griffith outside Windham and begins to blame himself for Griffith's condition.


The solar eclipse.

The rest of the Hawks are not far behind Guts, running on horseback to reach Griffith. All at once, the Hawks, Guts and Griffith notice an odd phenomenon happening in the sky; a black circle slowly encroaching upon the sun: a solar eclipse. The blood from Griffith's neck has slowly run down his arm and made contact with his Behelit, which begins to open its eyes.

Griffith hears Guts' voice as the latter calls out to him. As though fearing for his life, Griffith tries to distance himself from Guts. Verbally, he only manages loud grunts and screams. Mentally, Griffith is yelling at Guts not to approach. Just then, Guts notices, behind Griffith, many silhouettes of naked men and women all along the river. Casca suspects they're of Midland's army, but they all have an inhuman quality about them in their builds and features.


The setting of the Eclipse.

Guts calls out to Griffith again, who keeps mentally pleading for Guts to stay away, and not to touch him.

Guts jumps from the cart and runs into the water, despite Griffith's mental pleas. He gets closer and closer, and finally grabs Griffith's shoulder.

With that, the Behelit's facial features rearrange, and it begins to cry tears of blood. In a silent scream, it transports the Hawks to what seems to be a different dimension; a world where the sky is made up of human specters and the ground is a hilly landscape of enormous faces.

The Eclipse has begun.

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