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Episode 75 (Manga)
Chapter 75
Kanji 降臨
Romaji Kōrin
Volume 12 Eclipse
Chapter 75
Pages 21
Date Released September 30, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
The Promised Time
The Inhuman Host
Volumes and Chapters

Advent (降臨 Kōrin?) is the 75th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The face is that of a woman, who lifts her whole body up to her enormous height. She is naked, and moans in ecstasy as she takes form. Once her main body is completely manifested, gigantic, black-feathered wings appear on her back. They slowly take on a more leathery appearance as her hair becomes more tentacle-like, whereupon her formation completes.

The Hawks watch the whole scene from afar, barely able to grasp what they are seeing. A noise draws their gaze upwards, where a single face among the formless visages in the sky stands out. The face slowly lowers itself over the Hawks as though made of viscous fluid. The being takes full, tiny shape among the terrified Hawks.

Another noise draws their attention to one of the smaller faces on the ground behind them. They watch as the face lifts itself from the ground, and uses the surrounding faces to form its portly body and clasped hands.


The God Hand arrive to preside over the Eclipse.

One of the Hawks diverts the whole Band's attention to the eclipse: the blackness which makes up the dark circle seems to be leaking towards the ground. There is a logic to this gradual flowing, and quickly the silhouette of another monster is discernable amidst the landscape. The blackness which makes up its body becomes more and more opaque until it appears as a fully-formed, colored monster. The God Hand have arrived.

The four demons stand together. Guts has no time to figure out what they are, as he is distracted by the chanting of the naked people, who worship these four great beings.

The last of the demons to fully form, a taller, slender thing whose eyes are sewn shut, lips are peeled back and brain is exposed, welcomes the Hawks to the strange world, bidding them to enjoy the "festival". It then points a skeletal finger at Griffith, singling him out as the child created by causality. It addresses Griffith as "kinsman", and the latter suddenly realizes that these four demons are the same beings as the silhouettes he saw in his vision while imprisoned. He moans, as if trying to speak to them.


Guts refuses to allow Griffith to be taken by the God Hand.

Guts, who is supporting Griffith's weight, draws his dagger and screams at the God Hand, mocking them for speaking in cryptic sentences and telling them that Griffith is not a demon. This outburst only serves to make the God Hand laugh. The winged woman among them admires the obvious friendship Guts and Griffith harbor for one another, and says that, consequently, Guts will make for an excellent sacrifice.

When Guts shows no understanding of what she means, she clarifies for him: he, along with the rest of the Band of the Hawk, will be sacrificed so that Griffith can become a demon.

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