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Episode 76 (Manga)
Chapter 76
The Inhuman Host
Kanji 人外百鬼
Romaji Ningai hyakki
Volume 12 Eclipse
Episode (Manga) 76
Pages 20
Date Released September 30, 1996 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime)
The Castle
Volumes and Chapters

The Inhuman Host (人外百鬼 Ningai hyakki?) is the 76th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The smallest of the God Hand explains that the crimson Behelit only found its way to Griffith because he is qualified to become a demon. It goes on to say that the naked people who stand between the God Hand and the Hawks are all Apostles, people like Zodd and Wyald who can transform into monsters. They've all used Behelits to achieve their forms. Griffith's particular Behelit is different, however.

The use of the crimson Behelit, the Egg of the King, will make Griffith the fifth member of the God Hand instead of a simple Apostle. When the female demon casually mentions that the rest of the Hawks will be sacrificed to turn Griffith into a demon, the Apostles begin to laugh and, all together on cue, transform before the petrified Hawks.


The God Hand explain the nature of the Eclipse.

Guts begins to turn on Griffith, asking if he really is going to sacrifice the Hawks to become a God Hand. The mute Griffith cannot physically answer, but a vocal Griffith would not have anyways; he is transfixed by the God Hand. The tall, slender God Hand takes it upon itself to explain: The Hawks being sacrificed will not occur with a simple "yes" or "no" from Griffith, but rather, his will and his ultimate desires have determined their fate. The Hawks can not prevent it, as it has been preordained by causality.

The same demon decides to advance the process of turning Griffith into a demon. An enormous hand, palm up, rises from the ground to bring Griffith into the sky. As Guts is holding Griffith, he is also raised up, but the rest of the Hawks lose their footing on the ground of faces, which move to form the enormous arm.

The faces which compose the arm make an active attempt to keep Griffith from falling to the distant ground to his death, but they make no effort to do the same for Guts, who is held up only by Griffith's hand. Pain flares in Griffith's injured arm, and his grip loosens; Guts falls down the length of the arm as Griffith continues to rise.


Guts climbs to save Griffith from the God Hand.

Stabbing one of the faces that composes the arm with his dagger to stop his fall, Guts begins the slow climb to Griffith, who is sitting in the enormous palm of the hand. The God Hand each occupy a finger of the outstretched arm, with the exception of the index finger, which does not yet have a member of the God Hand to occupy it.

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