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Episode 82 (Manga)
Chapter 82
God of the Abyss (1)
Kanji 深淵の神 (1)
Romaji Shin'en no kami (1)
Volume 13 The Rape
Episode (Manga) 82
Pages 21
Date Released March 31, 1997 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Episode(s) (Anime)
Storm of Death (2)
God of the Abyss (2) (unofficially)
Lifeblood (officially)
Volumes and Chapters

God of the Abyss (1) (深淵の神(1) Shin'en no kami (1)?) is the 82nd episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.



Armed with a new weapon, Guts begins to fight back in earnest.

Guts charges the Apostles who have climbed up the arm. One Apostle armed with sharp spikes attacks first. Guts dodges the strike and uses his dagger to remove one of the spikes to use as a weapon.

Guts successfully kills many of the surrounding Apostles without sustaining too many injuries. The female God Hand watches as Guts tries his absolute best to survive, noting the irony in that his burning passion will only serve to fuel Griffith's transformation even further.

Guts continues to fight until an Apostle uses both hands to grab him by the throat. He bites down on its hand, angering it, and it retaliates by violently throwing him into one of the giant hand's fingers, stunning him. It takes Guts only a few instants to recover before he goes back on the offensive.

Griffith feels as though he is sinking deeper and deeper into an endless ocean. As he plumbs its depths, he receives visions of the Hawks being massacred, their deaths providing him with sustenance. He feels the pain they do as they die, but emotionally, Griffith is numb to their suffering.

In the blackness of the endless abyss, Griffith perceives what looks to be a whirlpool, from which bubbles in the shape of Behelits emerge and float up, passing him as they head for the surface.

Griffith is confronted by a being he identifies as "God".

Characters in Order of Appearance

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