Episode 83 (Manga)
Chapter 83
God of the Abyss (2)
(Armour To The Heart)
Kanji 深淵の神(2)
Romaji Shin'en no kami (2)
(Yoroi wa mune ni)
Volume No volume release
Episode (Manga) 83
Pages 17
Date Released Release Date Unknown
Arc Golden Age Arc
Anime Episode(s)
God of the Abyss (1)
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God of the Abyss (2) or Armour To The Heart (深淵の神(2) or 甲冑は胸に Shin'en no kami (2) or Yoroi wa mune ni?) is the 83rd numbered episode of the Berserk manga series written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura. It was not published in either the Japanese or translated tankōbon at Kentarou Miura's request, his reason being that he wanted Berserk's world to be revealed just that far, not any more than that, fearing that it might limit the freedom of the story development.

Summary Edit


An entity welcomes Griffith, who appears as wisps of skin, to its domain, but corrects Griffith's initial assessment of its identity; it is the Idea of Evil. It is shaped like an enormous heart covered in many open eyes, its valves exuding a gaseous substance, with two valves extending from beneath it in the shape of a double helix. It bids Griffith to look around; both it and Griffith are floating in a massive void full of the gaseous substance, which upon closer inspection Griffith sees that it appears to be the spirits of many different people.

The Idea of Evil explains that all humans have a collective sub-consciousness and that it was born from the evil within that sub-consciousness, making it essentially both God and the ego of the world. Griffith asks if humanity is the unwitting creator of the void that he finds himself in. The Idea of Evil likens it to Hell, but clarifies that the void is part of human nature as it is a gathering place for all negative human emotions. Griffith comes to realize that what he hears is the truth - he looks inside himself and finds that he does feel these negative emotions. He then asks for the reason the Idea of Evil came into being.

The Idea explains that it was born to be the thing that humans can all blame for their hardships and suffering, and the being in turn has long manipulated world events and peoples' lives. When Griffith asks if this fact applies to himself, the Idea reveals that Griffith's life was been long planned through the manipulation of his ancestors to ensure his birth. From this revelation and another that everything he went through has been orchestrated for him to reach this very moment in time, Griffith demands what his ultimate purpose in this grand design is. The Idea of Evil simply responds that Griffith's actions shall be the ones humanity desires, regardless of what will they bring and how, by virtue of Griffith being a part of humankind's consciousness, his desire shall be the Idea of Evil's. Thus, he gives him a simple command: "Do as you will, chosen one".

Once Griffith's being slowly solidifies, with full understanding of his own existence, he makes one request of the Idea of Evil: "I want wings." The spirits filling the void begin to swarm Griffith, who uses them on the Idea's instruction to alter his form into his ideal self through which he can achieve his life-long goal.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

  1. Idea of Evil
  2. Griffith
  3. Guts (Flashback)
  4. Casca (Flashback)
  5. Judeau (Flashback)
  6. Pippin (Flashback)
  7. Corkus (Flashback)
  8. Rickert (Flashback)
  9. Gaston (Flashback)

Notes Edit

  • The episode is a one-on-one conversation between Griffith and the Idea of Evil.

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