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Episode 89 (Manga)
Chapter 89
Awakening to a Nightmare
Kanji 悪夢にめざめて
Romaji Akumu ni mezamete
Volume 13 The Rape
Chapter 89
Pages 18
Date Released March 31, 1997 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
The Sprint
Volumes and Chapters

Awakening to a Nightmare (悪夢にめざめて Akumu ni mezamete?) is the 89th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Through a thick mist, the Band of the Hawk, completely silent, walk in two single-file rows to an unknown destination. Guts notices them through the fog and runs towards them, asking them where they are going. He is suspicious of the Hawks' destination, and pleads with them to turn back. They don't respond to his words, or anything around them. Despite moving towards them, they grow ever more distant. Guts begs not to be left behind as his vision fades.


The cave that Guts awakens in.

Guts wakes from his dream in an odd location: a cave. The most prominent source of light comes from a hole in the cave's ceiling, and the only sound is that of falling water and chirping birds. Guts is alone, laying in a cot, his right eye bandaged. He turns his head to the cave's entrance when he hears footsteps, and from the bright opening, a young girl enters. Unable to make out her features, Guts asks who she is.

She excitedly runs towards him but clumsily slips on the stone floor. It's Erica, the girl Guts lived with during his year away from the Hawks. She is followed by Rickert, who is overcome with emotion upon seeing that Guts is awake. He explains that Guts has been unconscious for four days, that he is in an ore cave near Godo's house, and that he was brought there by the Skull Knight.

Rickert inquires about the events that occurred within the giant tornado, and what happened to the Band of the Hawk. Their mention causes Guts to become agitated, and he quickly sits up (putting strain on his wounds), revealing that his entire body, with the exception of the left side of his face, has been bandaged. He asks about Casca. Rickert seems at a loss of what to say, but Guts persists. His question is answered by Erica, who points to the waterfall deeper in the cave.


Casca stands beneath the falls.

Casca, wearing only a shirt, is basking beneath the light falls. Despite barely being able to stand, Guts forces himself up and jumps into the calf-deep pool created by the falls. Casca notices and recoils from Guts, concerning him. When he touches her shoulder, she cries out and flinches away. Guts grabs her wrists and her hands, yet she continues to violently yank her limbs from his grip. She eventually bites his fingers and runs to Erica, clinging to the young girl.


After the horrors of the Eclipse, Casca has gone insane. She retains a childlike mindset and no longer speaks.

Rickert explains that Casca has been awake for two days already, but despite her healed wounds, she does not act normally, refraining from speaking and only trusting Erica.

Guts moves forward to touch Casca again but stops himself. Instead, he makes for the cave's exit, intending to leave. Despite Rickert's pleas for him to stay, Guts walks through the cave's opening and runs away, into the wild.

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