Episode 8 (Manga)
Chapter 8
Assassin (1)
Kanji 暗殺者(1)
Romaji Ansatsusha (1)
Volume 6
Episode (Manga) 8
Pages 22
Date Released September 30, 1993 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Anime Episode(s) Assassination
Master of the Sword (2)
Assassin (2)
List of Volumes

Assassin (1) (暗殺者(1) Ansatsusha (1)?) is the 8th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura.

Summary Edit

The autumn hunt has begun, and the nobles enjoy themselves hunting foxes under the King's supervision and the Falcons' protection. Julius has conspired with a crossbowman to assassinate Griffith.


Griffith and Charlotte enjoying themselves during the hunt.

Guts harbors a distaste for the whole event, thinking it's a waste of time and preferring to be on the battlefield, though Judeau and Corkus remind him that it is a great honor for the Falcons to have been chosen for the royal guard. Casca, who watches over the conversation, shifts her attention to Griffith, who is speaking with Princess Charlotte.

E8-Griffith Shot-Manga

Griffith is struck in the chest by an arrow.

Charlotte tells Griffith of her disdain for the hunt, and by extension war, seeing it as nothing but men satisfying an innate desire to be cruel. Griffith does not respond, but instead plucks a leaf from a nearby tree and uses it to whistle. He promptly teaches Charlotte the technique when she tries and fails to do it, and they savor each other's company.

Some knights drive a boar out of the thicket behind Charlotte's horse, which gets frightened and runs off, carrying Charlotte with it. Griffith gives chase, and manages to calm Charlotte's horse in a nearby ravine, away from the hunting party. The terrified Charlotte clings to Griffith, but their moment is cut short when she takes heed of her own actions and quickly straightens herself on her horse. As Griffith prepares to lead her horse back to the main group, a crossbow bolt pierces his armor and enters his chest.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Arc Navigation Edit

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