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Episode 90 (Manga)
Chapter 90
The Sprint
Kanji 疾走
Romaji Shissō
Volume 13 The Rape
Chapter 90
Pages 14
Date Released March 31, 1997 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Awakening to a Nightmare
Vow of Retaliation
Volumes and Chapters

The Sprint (疾走 Shissō?) is the 90th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Small animals and plants are disturbed from their peaceful existences by moving brush and loud screams. Guts yanks off the bandaging on his face, screaming as he runs.


In denial of the events that transpired.

Guts sprints through the forest he finds himself in. He has no clear destination. He barely focuses on his surroundings; his mind is clouded by the images of his friends. He thinks first of Judeau, and their conversation on Guts' first night with the Hawks. His mind moves to Corkus, and his perpetual scowl and seeming dislike of Guts. Then the ever-silent Pippin. The raiders, and their adoration for the commander. Finally, he thinks of Casca and Griffith.

As Guts runs, he leaps wide chasms, falls from cliffs, and is grazed by tree branches, all of which remove his bandaging and reopen his wounds. He pays them no mind, running on and on, crying and yelling, until night falls, and he collapses to his knees from exhaustion in a grassy field.


The vision of Femto in the sky.

Guts stares up into the night sky as it begins to rain. He sees the image of Femto, Griffith's new form and identity, above him. He continues to stare until he feels a sharp pain in his neck, forcing him into a sitting position. The Brand on his neck has begun to bleed, seemingly without provocation. He then hears whispers and murmurs from the rustling grass. Guts stands to face his opponents, small, translucent things barely the height of the grass. The appearance of a much larger being behind him makes Guts turn.

It's the Skull Knight, and he tells Guts that he now exists in a world that is neither completely new nor completely familiar; Guts lives on the frontier where the mortal plane meets the dimension of the dead. Guts now resides in a world called the Interstice.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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