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Episode 99 (Manga)
Chapter 99
Elf Bugs
Kanji 妖虫
Romaji Yōchū
Volume 14 The Black Swordsman, Once More
Episode (Manga) 99
Pages 20
Date Released September 30, 1997 (tankōbon format)
Arc Conviction Arc
By Air
Volumes and Chapters

Elf Bugs (妖虫 Yōchū?) is the 99th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


So close to the elves, Guts manages to get a good look at them, and he comes to the conclusion that they aren't elves at all; despite these having the same body structure (humanoid body, hair on their heads, and translucent wings) as elves, they also have compound eyes, antennae, three smaller extra eyes on their foreheads and furry collars normally seen on moths.

Guts coldly asks Thomas whether he wants to avenge his parents, or go with the elves. The kid shakes his head at the latter suggestion, so Guts grabs him, apparently to save him.


Guts uses an innocent child as bait.

Jill is also running towards the village despite Puck's protests. They enter together, but are careful not to be spotted by the elves. To Jill's horror, Guts has not exactly saved Thomas. Instead, he has stuck the Dragonslayer's blade up the back of the kid's shirt and has raised Thomas high into the air, using him as bait for the elves. The creatures slowly move towards Thomas, intending to take him, but Guts is too quick; he springs away and runs full sprint through the village, using the child to lure the elves along behind him.


Guts entombs the elves in the fiery barn.

Guts leads the elves to a run down barn, where much of the village's livestock has already been killed. Guts throws Thomas into a pile of hay and turns to face the small creatures, which have transformed to appear more bug-like and vicious. With all the creatures funneled into the barn, Guts swings the Dragonslayer around his head, cutting the supports of the loft, which can no longer handle all the weight of the hay above. The ceiling caves in, bringing the hay with it. Guts throws a small bottle of gunpowder into it and fires his cannon arm at it, triggering a large explosion which incinerates all the elves, but leaves Guts and Thomas unharmed.

As Jill, Puck, Guts and Thomas watch the barn burn, the former two catch sight of what Guts can sense thanks to his Brand: a gigantic elf that is the size of a human child.

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