Episode 9 (Manga)
Chapter 9
Assassin (2)
Kanji 暗殺者(2)
Romaji Ansatsusha (2)
Volume 6 Assassin
Episode (Manga) 9
Pages 20
Date Released September 30, 1993 (tankōbon format)
Arc Golden Age Arc
Anime Episode(s) Assassination
Assassin (1)
Assassin (3)
List of Volumes

Assassin (2) (暗殺者(2) Ansatsusha (2)?) is the 9th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


Griffith collapses in the shallow ravine, and the Hawks rush over. As Casca attends to Griffith, Guts interrogates Charlotte. When she cannot answer his questions, a frustrated Guts searches the thick forested surroundings, but he doesn't spot Julius' assassin hiding behind a tree.

Everyone's attention is drawn back to Griffith, who tells everyone to remain calm. He extracts the bolt and discovers that it has been covered in poison. Griffith then reveals that his heart was shielded by his Behelit, and thus he is completely unharmed. The Hawks all marvel at Griffith's amazing luck, but Guts suspects something greater than luck is responsible for Griffith's survival.


Griffith flashes Julius a hawk-like gaze before the latter rides off.

Charlotte, dismounted from her horse, apologizes to Griffith for having drawn him to the secluded ravine. The Hawks suddenly realize that Charlotte may have been the assailant's target, and Guts takes a group of men to search the forest, but the crossbowman has already left the area. Meanwhile, Griffith has caught sight of Julius, and he intuitively learns his would-be assassin's identity.

Back at Windham, Julius and the crossbowman discuss their failed plan in Julius' lounge. The prevailing theory behind the attack among the nobles is that a Chuder assassin was sent to kill Charlotte, and Griffith protected her with his own body. Julius, furious that his plan backfired and raised Griffith's status among Midland's aristocracy, orders his co-conspirator to leave. Julius thinks back on his and Griffith's locking eyes in the hunting grounds: he likens Griffith's gaze to a hawk eyeing its prey.

Elsewhere in Windham, Guts responds to Griffith's summons. He finds him in a study high up in a tower, where Griffith claims that winning battles alone cannot earn him high enough status to get his own kingdom. As Griffith writes and places his seal on a letter, he proposes he and Guts come up with their own assassination plot.

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