Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

Japanese voice

Sumi Shimamoto

English voice

BJ Ward







Previous affiliation

Holy See



Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Living in a village near the border of Balzac's dominion, Eriza cared for a boy named Niko who lived a blissful life despite being simple-minded. But when Eriza finds Niko had died one winter night while clutching to a strange item, she was devastated and took the item in memory of him. But when Eriza learns that a Mandragora is growing from Niko's lifeless body, she considers it the boy reborn and resolves to protect it as she willingly allowed herself to be infected. Eriza proceeds to infect the rest of the village, placing the villages in utter bliss. But when Balzac learned of the Manrdragora, he send his men after it and only managed to get half of its heart.

Years later, Balzac made an attempt for the other half of the heart with Guts. Joined by Dunteth and his rebel faction, Guts reaches the village but is forced to watch Dunteth and his men killed by the Mandragorans when one of rebels plucked out a Mandragora. Eriza arrives to quell the Mandragorans' wrath by planting the Mandragora back into the Earth. Though Eriza attempts to plea her case to Guts that all she and the Mandoragorans want is peace, she is forced to refuge in the church's underground where she assumed her Mandragoran form to protect the tree. Ultimately, Guts manages to cut out the heart from the tree with Eriza attempting to flee with it. But she did get far as a group of Balzack's men led by Gyove have been burning the village to the ground. Eriza is left with no option but to run back into the church as it is consumed in the flames, Niko's keepsake ending up in Rita before it reached its destined owner.

Appendices Edit

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